Steal Pippa Middleton’s Wedding Beauty Secrets For Your Next Big Event

May 23, 2017

Steal Pippa Middleton’s Bridal Beauty Secrets For Your Next Big Event

Since Kate Middleton’s arrival on the royal scene, there’s been a renewed fascination with beauties connected to the royal family. The Duchess of Cambridge’s younger sister, Pippa, is no exception! Pippa Middleton was married this past Saturday—and her wedding beauty perfectly epitomized the power of the less-is-more makeup trend. Here, we break down the bride’s beauty and makeup secrets and share how you can rock your own version of the look with natural, vegan, and cruelty-free products. Read on!

Wedding Prep

Pre-wedding beauty prep is an entire industry (and one I shamelessly indulged in before my own big day!). Pippa was no different. To get into her best wedding-day shape, she participated in a three-month bridal boot camp at London’s Grace Belgravia Club. The program was designed to strengthen and tone the entire body while improving posture (so key for looking your best in your dress!). Meanwhile, Pippa also got gold facials at a luxe London spa, which, of course, cost a pretty pence.

Fortunately, bridal beauty prep can be both effective and inexpensive if you’re game to do a little DIY and take advantage of free resources. When it comes to fitness, you can design your own regimen using the zillions of workout resources online—including videos created by our own Pilates guru, Crystal Chin. Her workouts for improving posture and getting sexy, sculpted arms are perfect ways to get ready to wear a gorgeous gown.

5 Resistance Band Exercises To Improve Your Posture & Make You Look Taller

There are also endless options for getting your glow on with a DIY mask (no gold foil needed!). One of my personal favorites is this maca cacao clay mask, which is easy to customize depending on your skincare needs.

Natural Beauty: Maca Cacao Clay Mask

Here’s one last skincare secret from Pippa you can steal: as New Beauty reports, Pippa’s mother, Carole Middleton, encouraged her daughter to eat an avocado every day leading up to the big day. The high fatty-acid content in avocados does wonders for dry or lackluster skin.  Why not enjoy your serving of avocado with this Zesty Avocado Pudding with Apple Compote?

Vegan Dessert Recipes: Zesty Avocado Pudding with Apple Compote

Big-Day Beauty

Pippa’s wedding-day makeup (applied by Charlotte Tilbury herself) was fresh and natural, and it didn’t distract from her happy smile and jaw-dropping dress. Luckily, a timeless look like hers is actually quite achievable and universally flattering. Here’s how to get it:

Base. Choose a foundation formula with a coverage and feel that you’re comfortable with. The whole point of this look is to feel good and natural in your own skin, so don’t feel pressured to wear anything that feels like spackle. From the photos, it appears that Pippa’s base was semi-matte (but just guessing here!). A semi-matte formula tends to de-emphasize fine lines without making skin look too dewey (which can come across as “oily” in photos).

Bronzer. Tilbury used a light touch with bronzer, giving Pippa the subtlest of glows.  The shade of bronzer was not much deeper than Pippa’s natural skin tone—which is perfect for avoiding the overly-tanned look. Try Han Skincare Bronzer.

Steal Pippa Middleton’s Bridal Beauty Secrets For Your Next Big Event

Cheeks & lips. Pippa wore a creamy blush with a closely matching creamy lip, which further enhanced her natural look. Try Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Last Looks Cream Blush and Satin Lip Cream.

Steal Pippa Middleton’s Bridal Beauty Secrets For Your Next Big Event

Eyes. In keeping with the less-is-more look, Pippa wore eyeliner—but it didn’t appear to extend to the inner-most corners of her eyes, an application technique that keeps the eyes “open” while still providing some definition. Pippa’s skin tone was complemented by soft, neutral-brown eyeshadow.  Try Lily Lolo Laid Bare Eyeshadow Palette. Follow with two coats of your favorite mascara.

Steal Pippa Middleton’s Bridal Beauty Secrets For Your Next Big Event

Did you swoon at Pippa’s simple and classy beauty look

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Photo: @pippamiddleton via Instagram, Crystal Chin, Mary Hood Luttrell, Quincy Malesovas, Respective Brands

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