The Hype Is Real—Crystal Massage Tools Are *The* Most Effective At Erasing My Lines

May 13, 2019

Since adulthood, I’ve carried quite a bit of tension in the area between my eyes. As I’ve gotten older, however, I’ve noticed that that tension doesn’t melt away as soon as I stop reading small text/focusing/stressing. These days, I can feel it even when the rest of my face (and my mind) are relaxed. Not only would I prefer that my resting face not be one that looks too serious/too stressed, but I think we all can agree that it’s also unpleasant to feel tense (agh!).

I’ve discovered that the most effective way to dissolve the tension between my brows and dramatically reduce the appearance of the “eleven” lines on my forehead is massage. A good, medium-pressure massage before bed can make all my facial muscles feel airy and at ease. I’ve written about the beautifying benefits of massage previously, but it has only been in the past few years that I’ve fully internalized what a godsend a little daily massage is.

Even just a few minutes of loving, intentional face massage can help give your face a more lifted appearance, tone facial muscles, revitalize your complexion (glow!!!), boost the efficacy of your skincare products, and, perhaps most importantly, comfort your weary spirits and remind you that you’ve got your own back. Indeed, massage is a gorgeous way to rekindle the warmth between mind and body, leaving you feeling grounded and quietly euphoric—like a hug from the inside! (Yes, it’s that good.)

How Crystal Massage Tools Can Take Your Skincare to the Next Level

Native Nectar Botanical Rose Quartz Gua Sha & Facial Roller

These beautifully crafted tools have given my vanity a high-vibe makeover! See more here.

When it comes to how I massage my skin, I rely on my fingers quite a bit, and I use the time when I wash my face or apply product as a chance to give myself a mini facial rather than merely slapping things on. Recently, however, I jumped on the crystal massage tool bandwagon. I was intrigued by the beautiful jade and quartz rollers I’d been seeing all over my social feeds. It seemed like everyone from posh makeup experts to natural wellness mavens adore and swear by these pretty tools!

When I finally had a chance to try them, I immediately understood the hype. Merely holding these cool, weighty stone tools is at once a luxurious and serene experience. And they’re pretty useful, too. Both stone roller and gua sha tools can elevate your skincare routine by assisting with lymphatic drainage, facial sculpting, and so much more. Also, if crystals are a part of your spiritual practice, these tools offer another opportunity to interact with inspiring stones. I’ve been using this gorgeous set from Colorado-based brand Native Nectar Botanicals. Native Nectar Botanicals also carries opalite and jade sets. 

Gua Sha

How Crystal Massage Tools Can Take Your Skincare to the Next Level

A gua sha fits into your palm is used to firmly “scrape” clean, moisturized skin. In my experience, the gua sha is the queen of unknotting persistent facial tension. Its use is also associated with a more sculpted appearance and increased collagen production.  I have been following this amazing tutorial (even though I don’t always have time to do every step). This tutorial shows how the tool can be used along your neck and at the base of your head to help you more fully relax.

Psst…As it turns out, Beyonce’s makeup artist turns to a gua sha to prep and plump Bey’s skin before a big performance!

How Crystal Massage Tools Can Take Your Skincare to the Next Level

Rose quartz: A symbol of all forms of love (including self-love!), rose quartz is a crystal for the heart.

Crystal Roller

A crystal roller can be used any time of day to cool and relax your face, but it’s especially effective in the morning when we’re more likely to experience puffiness. The larger end is used along the larger planes of your face (cheeks, forehead) while the smaller end is perfect for the under-eye and nose area (and is just the thing if you’re experiencing sinus pressure). In addition to depuffing, a crystal roller also helps stimulate circulation and brighten your complexion. Store your roller in the refrigerator for an extra cool massage.

Here is a lovely roller tutorial

How Crystal Massage Tools Can Take Your Skincare to the Next Level

Have you ever tried crystal massage tools–like a gua sha or a crystal roller?

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