Facial Sculpting Is The Hottest Trend In Skincare--All The Best Tools, From Free To $$$$

October 22, 2018

At Peaceful Dumpling’s virtual headquarters, we’ve been discussing (for years, ahem) the best ways to give our faces the finest TLC we can swing. It’s not that I want to look 10 years younger (19!)…I just want to look like I had a full night of rest, like I’ve been diligently eating my greens, and like I’m not chronically stressing politics—any new mother’s dream for her complexion, right?

Interestingly enough, amidst all the marketing around banishing fine lines, we’ve been largely neglecting the muscle tone of our faces—until recently, that is. The market has been flooded with tools and devices that promise to de-puff, sculpt, tone, and ease tension, and the beauty enthusiasts among us have gone wild. Why? Because giving your facial muscles a workout just feels so good—and it may be the boost your face needs to look less fatigued, regardless of your age. Ask and esthetician and you’re likely to hear that a regular facial sculpting practice can help promote collagen and elastin, enhance circulation, and assist lymphatic drainage.

Which Facial Sculpting Device Is Right For You? Estheticians Weigh In

The trick is finding the device, tool, technique, or combination thereof that works for you—your face, your budget, your time constraints, and your preferences. It can be easy to get overwhelmed by all of the options out there—and some of the more expensive devices can make someone with a more modest budget feel like facial sculpting is out of reach—but that couldn’t be further from the truth: facial sculpting is quite literally already in hand, which leads us to our first option.

Best Facial Sculpting Tools

Your fingers

How it works: Make sure your face is covered in lotion or oil to ensure your fingers have sufficient slip—and make sure your hands are clean, too! Using small circles and upward or up-and-out strokes, firmly massage skin, aiming for at least five minutes. Here’s an in-depth tutorial by beauty queen Lisa Eldridge.

Best for: Everyone, especially minimalists and people traveling light.

Price range: Free!

Jade or Rose Quartz Roller

Which Facial Sculpting Device Is Right For You? Estheticians Weigh In

Angela Caglia Skincare La Vie en Rose Rose Quartz Facial Roller, $65

Which Facial Sculpting Device Is Right For You? Estheticians Weigh In

Skin Gym Jade Facial Roller, $20

How it works: Skincare developer Angela Caglia instructs: “Glide gently on skin in an outward direction for lymphatic drainage. Can be placed in refrigerator and applied cold. Drop in a warm (not hot) cup of water for a few seconds and apply warm to penetrate my serum or face oil better. Enjoy your little home spa experience and feel the love and renewal of the rose quartz crystal.” 

Best for: Those on a budget and those inspired by crystals and aesthetically pleasing lo-tech doodads.

Price range: $20+

Metal Roller

Which Facial Sculpting Device Is Right For You? Estheticians Weigh In

Joanna Czech Metal Facial Roller, $189

How it works: “I feel very strongly about my facial massager,” facialist Joanna Czech explains. “It’s heavier than others.” She recommends using a roller over a serum or a sheet mask (sounds like heaven!!). “Layer a serum under a sheet mask that you have warmed first under running water—the heat helps skin absorb everything … work over the mask from the center of the face upwards and outwards; roll from the middle of the chin up along the jawline, then from the mouth corners outward under the cheek bone and so on, working up the face.”

Best for: Those with a lot of tension in their facial muscles; also, sheet mask addicts.

Price range: $10 – $200


Which Facial Sculpting Device Is Right For You? Estheticians Weigh In

NuFACE Mini, $199

How it works: The device uses a gentle electrical current to trigger the process of collagen and elastin production. We’ll let Juhea show you the rest (plus her shocking results!).

Best for: Those with delicate skin (it doesn’t drag or pull) and those wanting an instant mini facelift. It also helps if you’re able to commit to using the device for 5-15 minutes, five days a week.

Price range: $199 – $429


Which Facial Sculpting Device Is Right For You? Estheticians Weigh In

Antonia Burrell Facial in a Box, $28

How it works: Just like body cupping, face cupping involves applying suction cups on your skin (face cups are smaller, however). Skin is prepped with facial oil to allow the cups to easily glide. “Cupping does amazing things to the face: it drains away puffiness, tones muscles, and beautiful contours the features,” esthetician Antonia Burrell explains. “If you want more lifting, work the cups directly upwards … Or to sculpt your face, work outwards at a 45-degree angle.”

Best for: Those with a sense of adventure!

Price: $28

Facial Sculpting Is The Hottest Trend In Skincare--Which Tool Is Best For You?

Do you practice facial sculpting? Which technique is your favorite?

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