These Hot Summer Lip Color Trends Are All You Need To Turn Up The Heat

May 8, 2019

Craving a quick and delightful upgrade to your warm-weather look? There’s nothing like a new, gorgeous lip color to help you evoke on-trend, seasonal beauty without turning your wardrobe and makeup arsenal upside down. Are you ready to treat your pout to something fun? These vegan, cruelty-free lip colors and formulas were inspired by runway looks–and there’s something here for all beauty lovers. From minimalist stains to look-at-me “foil” lips, these lippies will have you covered for every occasion and vibe.

You'll Look *Scorching* With These Hot Summer Lip Color Trends

Vinyl lips. They’re a big mood this season.

Most Gorgeous, Trendy Lip Colors for Hot Weather à la–Vegan & Cruelty-Free!

Popsicle Pink Lips

First up, this classic, ultra-saturated pink evokes lips stained from strawberry popsicles. (Does it get more summery?) There’s an undeniable tropical feel to these lips–think blooming hibiscus and magenta oleander.

You'll Look *Scorching* With These Hot Summer Lip Color Trends

Axiology Lipstick “Bonafide”

Described as a pink with fiery orange tones, this cheerful and confident shade has island getaway written all over it. The formula is creamy, opaque, and richly pigmented.

Metallic/Foil Lips

You don’t need to literally apply foil to lips as makeup artists did backstage for the S/S 2019 runways. If far-out, space-age vibes are your thing, just try one of the edgy liquid lipsticks that transforms your lips into sexy molten metal.

You'll Look *Scorching* With These Hot Summer Lip Color Trends

Too Faced Magic Metal Transformer

This innovative formula can be applied over your favorite lip shade (or alone) to transform your lips into a holographic, metallic dream. Trippy!

Blooming Poppy

Fierce red is always in style–but especially this season. Combine the best of vintage and contemporary worlds with this vibrant classic in a modern, wellness-friendly formula that nourishes lips with natural butters.

You'll Look *Scorching* With These Hot Summer Lip Color Trends

Elate Cosmetics “Grace”

A bold, medium, full-coverage red suitable for all complexions–and nearly all occasions.

Vinyl Lips

Ultra-glossy (yet non-sticky) lipstick offers a fun and youthful twist to any look. Plus, these clicky lip pens may conjure some major makeup nostalgia for those of us who came of age during the sticky lip gloss pen era. Formulas have improved since then but the girlie playfulness remains.

You'll Look *Scorching* With These Hot Summer Lip Color Trends

Glossier Play Vinylic Lip “Disco” 

Balm meets gloss in this goop-free, high-shine formula. Coverage is sheer; shine is to the max.

Deep, Sensual Red

Plum, merlot, and other deep reds need not be reserved for cooler weather. This sensual color group can look particularly compelling when paired with the warm season’s breezier shades. Keep the rest of your makeup simple and dewy for maximum summer vineyard goddess effect.

You'll Look *Scorching* With These Hot Summer Lip Color Trends

Zuzu Luxe Lipstick “Rapture”

Formulated with jojoba oil, sesame seed oil, and aloe, this nourishing, natural lipstick moisturizes lips while providing rich, creamy color.

Dreamy, 1960s Peach

Inspired by the likes (and lipstick) of Audrey Hepburn and Twiggy? You’re not alone! Makeup artist Lisa Eldridge teased a new lip shade and later shared an iconic still of Audrey Hepburn applying a similar shade. Eldridge explained that she purchased one of Audrey’s lipstick holders at an auction and was delighted to find there was still lipstick inside. In the comments, she shared that she scraped a bit from the sides for analysis (of course). Meanwhile, Audrey fans debated whether or not Audrey was wearing Revlon “Pink in the Afternoon,” and Queen Lisa Eldridge squashed that myth–Pink in the Afternoon wasn’t released until 1983!  (Surely I’m not the only one who loves a little makeup drama?!)

Annnnyway, if you need something to tide over your vintage peach dreams, check out this dupe!

You'll Look *Scorching* With These Hot Summer Lip Color Trends

Too Faced Peach Kiss “Bridezilla”

Okay, so the name isn’t particularly elegant, but the color is flattering, timeless, and so summery! The long-wear formula contains peach and fig milk for creamy hydration.

Minimalist Stained Lips

Perfect for a no-makeup makeup look, lip/cheek stain is user-friendly and universally flattering. It’s also an excellent choice when you’re on-the-go or concerned about transferring makeup to your coffee cup, lover’s face, etc., etc.

You'll Look *Scorching* With These Hot Summer Lip Color Trends

100% Pure Fruit-Pigmented Cherry Lip & Cheek Stain

This beautiful, long-lasting color is water- and brunch-resistant.

What’s your favorite lip color this season?

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Photo: Aiony Haust on Unsplash, Axiology, Elate Cosmetics, Too Faced Cosmetics, Glossier, Gabriel Cosmetics, 100% Pure Cosmetics

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