This Trendy Wellness Skincare Tool Helps Beyoncé Look Radiant Before Performing

September 9, 2020

By now, most of us have heard of—and possibly tried–jade and rose quartz facial rollers, i.e. the gorgeous green and pink skincare tools gracing the ’grams of your favorite beauty and wellness aficionados. These rollers are designed to de-puff skin, increase blood flow, and even tone facial muscles, all while helping you relax and take time for yourself. They’re especially lovely because they’re essentially rocks with a bit of metal—in other words, no batteries, no cords that get lost in your makeup drawer, no beeping, no buzzing. Just cool, beautifying stone.

The latest installment in the stone-as-skincare trend is the gua sha, a tool that’s actually passed down from ancient Chinese tradition. According to Sir John, Beyoncé’s makeup artist, a gua sha figures prominently in the mega star’s skincare routine. The jade tool comes in handy during Beyoncé’s pre-performance beauty prep. Not only does it boost her circulation for an instant glow,  it also helps create a “plumped” look, disguising the visible effects of stress and fatigue (we all know Queen B has a grueling schedule).

This Trendy Skincare Tool Helps Beyonce Look Radiant Before Performing

Sir John also works with the likes of Rosie Huntington Whitely.

Sir John is all about promoting a calm environment backstage, so it’s no wonder a gua sha is part of his arsenal. In fact, according to Chinese tradition, the beautiful tool helps release trapped chi (energy).

This Trendy Skincare Tool Helps Beyonce Look Radiant Before Performing

Skin Gym Gua Sha Jade Facial Tool

This Trendy Skincare Tool Helps Beyonce Look Radiant Before Performing

Honeybelle White Jade Gua Sha

Like a good facial rolling session, using the gua sha can be incredibly relaxing. Proponents also note that it helps release muscle tension, optimize the absorption of serums, enhance lymphatic drainage (which is de-puffing), and oxygenate the complexion for a healthy, rosy glow. Of course, the simple act of taking time for yourself reduces stress and its inflammatory effects (which we all know can show up on our faces—ugh!). Finally, the gua sha’s traditional uses go beyond the beauty realm and include reducing fever and headaches. If feel relaxed just thinking about it!

How to Use a Gua Sha for Glowing, Happy Skin (and Soul)*

  1. Before using a gua sha, apply your skincare products (serum, moisturizer, etc.).
  2. Gently press the gua sha on and underneath your eyes or any areas that feel particularly inflamed or tense.
  3. Glide the gua sha over your facial contours, making several small sweeps in each direction.
  4. To take your facial massage routine to the next level, press and turn the curved tips of the gua sha on your acupressure points.

For an enhanced cooling effect, store your gua sha in the fridge!

*It’s wise to avoid using a gua sha if you have active acne, broken veins, rosacea, or broken or bruised skin.


Have you tried facial rollers or a jade gua sha? Let us know in the comments below!

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Photo: Sir John via Instagram

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