I Wrote Morning Pages For A Year. Here's What Happened—& Why You Should Try It

December 4, 2020

The first time I read The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, it was a mind-blowing experience. The book taught me many things about bringing out your most creative self, including writing morning pages. This is the process of getting rid of all the build-up of the day before and serves the purpose of creating clarity in your life. While the recommended number of pages to fill is three at a minimum, just putting thoughts on paper is healing enough. In my nearly year-long experiment of writing morning pages, here are the benefits that I have experienced so far.

A Less Cluttered Mind

There is nothing better than emptying all of your worries onto a page and looking at all of the thoughts that occupy your mind. When I first started writing, there was hesitation on writing anything that came to my mind. What I realized is that in order for morning pages to be most effective, it is best to become uninhibited. In other words, write your heart out. All of the things that were worrying you before become a distant, if not less stressful dream. After a few weeks of writing every day, I became refreshed and could handle more during the day versus without writing. This helped me make room for what really mattered in my life instead of worrying all the time. In addition to a less cluttered mind, it has helped me create more room in my physical space as well. I have donated and gifted many clothes and items that were no longer useful in my life.

Laser Focus

With the less cluttered mind came focus that I never knew I had. With all of the technology and distractions the world presents to us, it is easily to become easily distracted. After adopting the habit of writing every day, I have turned less and less to social media and other distractions to fill up any extra time. If anything, I am able to block out and cancel notifications and focus on any tasks I have assigned for the day without delay. The laser focus has also gifted me the opportunity to create more into my life without overthinking. Unlike last year, there is less binge-watching of videos and movies and more reading and writing. The only time that I sit and watch television is what I want to, not when I am stressed by others.

Improved Sense of Self

Do you know that little voice in the back of your head that incites doubt? That little voice is gone thanks to morning pages. Honestly, there is a chance that I left it on the page each morning. When there is no reason to mull over tasks, there is no reason to listen to those little doubt seeds sown by the ego. That leaves room for you to become the best version of yourself, verses someone that is held back by fear. This is one of the most rewarding effects that I have experienced with writing the pages thus far.

More Creative!

Writing morning page every single day has given me a boost in creativity that I did not know existed! With a boost I never imagined, more and more ideas have popped in my mind. It is as if the idea machine in mind has been transformed into a high-speed train. If you are looking to create more in your life, writing morning pages might just be the one habit you need to succeed. Although list making has helped some, morning pages have helped my creativity tremendously.

Healthier and Happier

Putting my thought in order has never been easier. I have been able to focus more on what makes me happy and my health has improved. Implementing this one habit has created a positive snowball effect. Writing morning pages has created the habit of mindful eating, mediation, relaxation, and more! I’m overall a healthier person due to starting this one habit.

How to Start

There are no true right or wrong ways to begin this habit. If you want to start writing morning pages, all you need is a notebook and your favorite pen. With this type of habit, the hardest part is beginning. Whether you write a half a page or five, the point is to let go of the clutter in your brain and make room for the new. Journaling has given me a new perspective on creating my best life and I hope that it will do the same for you.

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Kiera Lee
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