4 Utterly Charming Vegan Weekend Trips To Escape NYC Chaos This Summer

July 19, 2018

While living in NYC has spoiled me when it comes to vegan food (nowhere on the planet is it so easy to find vegan options on each street corner!), it’s now hot and muggy here in the city, making it the perfect time of year to do some weekend trips. Not only is it a good break from the heat but also a way to get away from the stress and craziness that can sometimes take over our big Apple minds.

I personally love all ways to get away via public transportation–car or bus are the best! An ideal weekend trip is roughly 1-3 hours away from the city. The great thing with public transportation is that you won’t need to deal with the logistics of renting a car, you won’t need to drive yourself and if you take a train, you won’t even get stuck in traffic! The key is to travel light–I always just take a backpack and a carry-on. In summer, it’s easy to pack light and worst case, you can always do laundry.

The amazing thing about the destinations below is that all of them fulfill all of my travel criteria (interesting sites, beautiful scenery, escape from the bustle of the city)–and even better, they all offer incredible vegan food!

4 Charming Vegan Destinations for Weekend Trips from NYC


4 Vegan Destinations for Weekend Trips from NYC

Only an hour by train from Grand Central, Beacon is your Brooklyn away from Brooklyn: it’s a decent size artsy town right on the Hudson River, with an eclectic local Brewery, tons of hiking options and a plethora of food choices. Main Street is really an endless street with plenty of options for plant eaters. My favorites are Vegetalien–the jackfruit tacos are delicious–as well as Ellas Bellas for wonderful vegan and gluten-free baked goods. If you are camping, I highly recommend Malouf’s Mountain Camp Ground, you can stock up at the local health food store. Also, check out the Sunday AM farmers market before you head back to the city!


4 Vegan Destinations for Weekend Trips from NYC

Woodstock is a not so hidden secret but still deserves to be on this list. It’s a 2.5 hours bus ride from Pen Station and you will be dropped off right in the town center. Hiking can be done in abundance and you can also check out the nearby Woodstock Animal Sanctuary–it’s a quick taxi ride away. In terms of food, check out the Garden Cafe and stock up on snacks at Sunflower Natural Foods Market.


4 Vegan Destinations for Weekend Trips from NYC

If you are looking for a less outdoorsy option, hop on a bus or train to Philadelphia. In 2 hours, you’ll be right in a vegan food paradise as the vegan restaurants have been popping up left and right. Hip City Veg is always a must for a delicious lunch. Charlie was a Sinner is perfect for shared bites and if you want to go fancy, check out Vedge. Ps and Co is my absolute favorite for brunch. In terms of activities, check out the Mutter Museum if you are into learning about the human anatomy!

New Paltz

4 Vegan Destinations for Weekend Trips from NYC

New Paltz is on the West side of the Hudson – another 2 hours bus ride from NYC. If you have never been to the Mohonk Mountain House, you have to check it out and do the adjacent Lemon Squeeze Hike. After that, go to town and get some chocolate at Lagusta’s Luscious Commissary, followed by some lunch at Karma Road.

4 Utterly Charming Vegan Weekend Trips To Escape NYC Chaos This Summer

Do you have any favorite weekend trips? 

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Photos: Vegetalien, Garden Café, Vedge Ps and Co, Mohonk Mountain House

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