grünBAG Is The Chic-est Way To Do Sustainable Travel *And* Reduce Plastic

May 21, 2018

grünBAG - sustainable luggage made of recycled materialsTravel stylishly and sustainably with grünBAG

Do you love traveling? It’s become one of my passions and a huge part of my identity in the past several years. Also during that same period, I’ve become increasingly conscious of climate change. Knowing how flying adds significantly to my carbon footprint, I try to offset that by making extra eco-friendly commitments before, during, and after my travels.

Before Positano, I gave up beverages in any disposable containers/cups. Before Stockholm, I cut out all plastic bags (even trash bags) and started to buy 100% organic and/or local groceries. If that sounds like a lot of “giving up,” I actually found it really balancing to take some things out of my life (plastics, pesticides) in order to add new and positive travel experiences. Plus, I’ve just discovered grünBAG, which is the best way to *add* sustainability to your life–no giving up required in terms of ethics or style!

grünBAG - sustainable, recycled luggage and backpack

Founded by Helen Leegard, grünBAG (pronounced groon, as in green) is a line of bags, backpacks, and travel bags that are made entirely of recycled materials. Think: recycled nylon, truck tarpaulin, 100% recycled PET (plastic) bottles, big bags used by a Danish bakery, and even car seat belts. The result is a zero-waste brand that resists wear and tear, and seamlessly elevates your adventures with a dose of sophisticated Scandinavian style.

My Redgreen Sport bag is made of recycled white sails–yes, as in boats! The inner layers consist of a fabric made of recycled plastic bottles, and tarpaulin left over from party tents. Like some of the other styles made from one-of-a-kind industrial salvage, each Redgreen bag has its own unique design and look. I’m loving the red stripe on mine–and I’ll always feel a bit poetic knowing that I’m carrying a bit of the open sea. Since reducing plastic has become one of my go-to ways of preparing for my travels, this bag incorporating recycled plastic materials is so perfect. 

Here’s a refresher on why it’s so critical to be aware of our plastic consumption:

  1. Since the invention of plastic, 8.3 billion metric tons have been created–and 6.3 billion metric tons have become plastic waste. Only 9% of that has been recycled.
  2. Much of the growth in plastic has been in packaging, which also has a useful lifespan of 5 minutes on average.
  3. Single-use plastic takes 5 seconds to make–and takes 500 years to break down.
  4. Hundreds of thousands of marine animals die every year from plastic ingestion.

grünBAG - luggage and backpacks made of recycled materialsI’m most excited about using this as my forever carry-on. It’s also perfect for beach days, weekend getaways, sports…

grünBAG - luggage and backpacks made of recycled materials

grünBAG also has shoulder bags and backpacks, perfect for daily commutes to hiking and everywhere in between.

grünBAGgrünBAG Architect

Inspired by the bag that architects use to carry all their sketch pads and tools, this extra-tall shoulder bag is adjustable and is roomy enough for your laptop, phone, wallet, and even your gym stuff.


grünBAG Backpack

This classic design can be expanded at the top to fit in even irregularly shaped items. Groceries, backpacking, carry-on–this backpack does it all.

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grünBAG - sustainable luggage made of recycled materials

I’m so glad to have found a way to make me appreciate traveling even more. Travel opens your eyes to the beauty of the world, which helps you become more environmentally conscious. Carrying a sustainable, zero-waste bag is the perfect way to complement your eco-travels. ;D

grünBAG Is The Chic-est Way To Do Sustainable Travel *And* Reduce Plastic

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