So, Toilet Paper Workouts Are A Thing Now. Try This Fun Routine By Trainer Kaisa Keranen

July 1, 2019

Toilet Paper Roll WorkoutPersonal trainer and social media influencer, Kaisa Keranen, is famous for her creative, do-anywhere, bodyweight-only workouts. Her Instagram @kaisafit is filled with challenging exercises done in her own living room. One of her most notable home workouts is “The Toilet Paper Workout” done with just four rolls of toilet paper. Why toilet paper? Keranen tells Shape Magazine, “It’s an everyday object that everyone has. The entire point of my workouts is not only to mix things up to keep them fun and interesting, but also to show people that it doesn’t take much more than your body (and occasionally fun household items!) to get an awesome workout in.” As funny as it may sound, this workout means business. It’s full body and will have you burning calories and building muscle in no time!  Here are 5 moves from the toilet paper workout you can do right now…(Do as many reps as possible in 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, then move on to the next exercise and repeat. Do 2-4 sets of all 5 moves.)

Military Plank TP Stack– Stack the 4 rolls on top of one another and get into a high plank position with the stack in front of you and to your right. Keeping your core tight, move your left hand slightly towards the center of your chest so that you can lift your right hand off the ground without compromising your plank form. With your right hand, take the top roll of TP and place it on the ground to your left. Continue grabbing each roll until all of the rolls are stacked on your left side. Switch hands and reverse the movement to continue stacking on the right side.

180 Squat Jumps– Put all the rolls into one stack on the ground and get into a wide squat position facing the rolls. As you lower into a squat, grab the top roll and jump to turn 180 degrees to the other side. When you land, continue to bend your knees into a low squat position so that you can place the roll on the floor. Reverse the jump squat to face the other direction and continue to unstack the toilet rolls and re stack on the other side until your 20 seconds is up. Repeat facing the other direction.

Single Leg Around the World Floor Tap– Evenly space each TP roll into a semi-circle. Stand facing the rolls in the center on your left leg with your right leg lifted. Without lowering your right leg, squat on the left leg to tap the roll all the way on the left with your right hand. Stand back up and then repeat the move to tap each roll to the right of the last until you get to the last one. Reverse the direction from there as you continue to squat and tap each roll for 20 seconds. Rest for 10 seconds and then repeat on the other leg for 20 seconds.

TP Tower Leg Lifts– Stack the TP rolls into one tall tower. Sit on the floor with your legs squeezing together to the right of the roll. Place your hands palms down by your hips and lean slightly back. Engage your core and lift your legs about an inch off the ground. Using your abs, lift your legs up and over the tower to the other side without touching the ground. Continue lifting your legs up and over to each side for 20 seconds.

Side Plank Toe TP Taps– Get into a side plank on your left forearm with one roll about an arm’s length away from your shoulder and another from your knee. With your right hand on your top hip, take your right leg and tap the roll in front of your shoulder with a straight leg and pointed toes. Bring your leg back to your side plank and repeat, tapping the roll in front of your knee. Continue tapping in this pattern for 20 seconds. Rest for 10 seconds and repeat on the other side.

What are some other household objects you can creatively use for your home workouts?

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