Summer Date Ideas You'll Want To Try ASAP With Your Conscious & Woke Crush

June 7, 2017

Summer Date Ideas You'll Want To Try ASAP With Your Conscious & Woke Crush

Dating in this day and age should be more exciting than ever, with a plethora of people and places at our fingertips. But it’s easy to become complacent and monotonous–especially when takeout and a comfy couch are appealing alternatives to expensive or complicated date ideas.

But the following vegan, summer date ideas are neither of these–they are just cute, simple concepts that allow you to engage in some animal-friendly, earth-conscious fun with the partner(s) in your life.

Whether the object of your affection is a staunch vegan or just respectful or (and possibly curious about) your life choices, these summer date ideas should suit their desires. Although, hopefully, their greatest desire is to be spending time with you!

1. Cook a meal based on only what you have available in your fridge and pantry or can buy at the store for under $5. Doing this forces you to be creative, come up with interesting new veggie dishes (no more pasta marinara or boring rice with veggies) and work on your collaboration skills. You save money, have fun, and potentially come up with a favorite new dish!

2. Visit a farm animal sanctuary–even better if you can give a few hours of your time to help out. Who wouldn’t want to spend a date playing with pigs and cows? And as an added bonus, the way that your date treats the animals is a good indication of how they will be as a partner. (Here’s a hint: if they’re not sweet to other beings, chances are they might not be so sweet to you.) So if you are still in early days, you can use this as a rough guide of whether your romantic interest will be a good fit.

3. Have a movie night. Of course, you could force your non-vegan love to watch a gruesome animal exploitation doc, but shock value isn’t always the best tactic. Instead, why not opt for a slightly self-deprecating but still totally veg-promoting flick like Carnage? You could also check out Cowspiracy for a more subtle documentary, or even the Texas Chain Saw Massacre (which is said to have an underlying vegetarian agenda). Grab a blanket, pop some corn (plus tons of coconut oil and nooch!) and you’ve got yourself a nice night.

Summer Date Ideas

4. If you’re feeling a bit frisky, why don’t you snag a sweet set of lingerie from Luva Huva or Hopeless? Both brands are eco-friendly and cruelty-free, not to mention super hot. If you’re into a bit more play, you can check out the fully vegan bondage sets available at Ethical Kink and Sub-Shop. (And FYI, it’s way more fun if you do your shopping with your partner.) This isn’t quite a date, per se, but it might get you in the mood for a bit of romance–so that kind of counts, right?

5. Plan a wine and vegan cheese picnic. Pack your favorite kinds of veggie cheese (Miyoko’s Kitchen anyone?), buy a fresh baguette, pick up a nice bottle of wine or two, maybe even pack some dark or vegan white chocolate-covered strawberries to finish things off. Then stick it all in a picnic basket, find a nearby park or botanical garden (perhaps somewhere a bit off the beaten path) and have a little feast.

6. Go on a bike ride. Hit up an urban route or a nature-filled path. Work up a sweat (or a glisten), feel the wind through your hair, admire the surrounding scenery in a way that you wouldn’t pick up on by foot or by car, and take pride in the fact that you are getting around without the use of fossil fuels.

7. Go fruit picking. It’s fun, cheap, hands-on, and vegan-friendly. Now’s the season for stone fruit and berries, which you can likely find at any orchard or patch in your vicinity (find one at Pick Your Own!). You could also try your hand at urban foraging with the help of Falling Fruit, a location-based site for public fruit and veg crops in your area.

Do you have any cute summer date ideas to add to the list? Especially any to appease your omni partner? Let us know in the comments!

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