Model Andreea Diaconu Shares Her 3 Top Detoxifying Products & We Want Them All

June 8, 2017

Romanian beauty Andreea Diaconu is no stranger to travel and busy days. She’s basically appeared in all the Vogues—French Vogue, Dutch Vogue, Korean Vogue… *and* she recently opened three health food restaurants called Moo Moo near Bucharest with fellow Romanian cover girl Diana Moldovan.

Like most of us, Diaconu enjoys a good bath. Not only do baths impart a special kind of relaxation (#bathlaxion), you can also use them to support your body’s natural cleansing and detoxifying processes by integrating natural products with healthy botanicals, salts, and clays.

If you’re not sure where to start on your bath detox journey (oh yes, it’s a journey), check out Andreea Diaconu’s must-have detoxifying bath products. Your senses will thank you!

After a night out, Diaconu enjoys a luxurious soak in the tub. For this, she turns to Pursoma Hot Tub Bath. Formulated with French grey sea salt, pure clay (sourced from the Loire valley!), and organic spicy ginger root to purify, this bath soak helps stimulate circulation, draw out toxins, and even assuage cold and flu symptoms. After a good 20-minute soak, Pursoma recommends that you “sweat and rest”—“immediately wrap yourself in a towel and ‘Sweat and Rest’ under a warm blanket for 15-30 minutes to continue the purification process.” That is a serious commitment to detoxing!

Model Andreea Diaconu Shares Her 3 Top Detoxifying Products

For a slightly less intense bath detoxification experience, turn to another of Diaconu’s favorites—Frank Body Scrub. This blend of coffee, sweet almond oil, salt, brown sugar, vitamin E, and orange oil smells delicious and helps slough off dead skin cells while promoting circulation and smoothing the appearance of skin. (Caffeine draws excess water from skin tissue, temporarily increasing skin tightness.) If you’re looking to save a little $$, try this simple DIY coffee scrub.

Model Andreea Diaconu Shares Her 3 Top Detoxifying Products

Andreea Diaconu told Into the Gloss that she relies on Rahua Body Amazon Oil for just about everything: “Usually I’ll put the Rahua Oil on my hair, body, and face.” It also happens to be a great product to help seal in moisture and pamper skin post-bath. Its star ingredients include rahua oil, sacha inchi (you can also make sacha inchi lattes, BTW!), and morete. Altogether, the bath and body oil packs an antioxidant-rich blend of omega-3 and omega-9 fatty acids, beta-carotene, and vitamins C and E. Slather on for some happy, moisturized skin.

Model Andreea Diaconu Shares Her 3 Top Detoxifying Products


What are your favorite detoxifying bath products?

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Photo: Andreea Diaconu via Instagram, Respective Brands

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