Platonia & other poems

June 25, 2020

portrait of marie jeanette de lange


She wants the fear

Making intimate bargains on the contemporary gray chaise

“Tell me something good?”

He lives in the moment

“I wish you didn’t care so much”

And she looks down in shame.


Pineapple Matcha

The weekend was an utter waste

But they did walk side-by-side

As siblings might do

She looks at him and ponders

how he can be so content

being so caged

Yet he wonders

why alone she’s not afraid


The man with the violin on the grass

She approached slowly

The evening darkness tinged the nighttime slate

blurring her facial features

Perhaps the hum of my strings

lured her here

Perhaps it was fate

Cautiously, she drew near

Deliberately, timidly, carefully

though I continue to play

I feel her stare intently

“Hello,” I look up and say

I only catch a glimpse of the fire in her eyes

As though she has witnessed magic

Then diminished, she runs away.



Art: Portrait of Marie Jeanette de Lange by Jan Tooroop (1900), Europeana via Unsplash



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