Poem | Sometimes I Am A Song I Don't Know The Words To

December 21, 2021

this could be a song, but when i open
my mouth, words fall out like
baby teeth. when i was small
i made music out of every inch of my
body. first i squirmed to the
rhythm that was born with me,
then i made
my own rhythm, sporadic,
spontaneous, building to something
bigger, and then
forgotten. this could be a song, but i’ve
forgotten how to be
the harmony. sometimes
i walk as if i’m navigating
an ode i wrote to myself
in reverse, learning myself
from the words to
the stories they built. this is a song
with no music. i used to whisper it
under my breath, so low it took years
before you thought to listen.
i began unwriting when i knew
you could hear the hum but were
tuning it out. this could be
a song, but when i open
my heart, no beats come out;
when i open my arms,
i reach for ghosts;
when i open my mouth, words
hover in air but they
are too heavy to soar
as notes do. they sink down
and pin my feet to the ground
like tiny anchors.

musical notes in the air



Photo: Ricardo Gomez Angel via Unsplash

Courtney Renee
Courtney is an animal advocate, writer, and editor with a passion for promoting veganism, sustainable living, and holistic wellness. With an MA in Critical and Creative Thinking, she approaches problems by trying to understand different perspectives and offering creative solutions to make the world a better place. In her spare time, she enjoys experimenting with vegan recipes, exploring new places, reading and writing poetry, and spending time with her fur companions.


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