Curious About Where You're Headed? Try This Pick A Card Tarot Reading For Your 2022

January 3, 2022

2020 and 2021 have been wild rides, so let’s prepare ourselves for what’s to come in 2022 with a pick-a-card Tarot reading. Tarot can help guide us to make decisions that will enable our highest good and give us insight into ourselves. Remember, you are always in control of your destiny!

This is a five-card reading. The first four cards represent each quarter of the year, from left to right. The fifth card is the theme or advice for the coming year.

Choose whichever object you feel drawn to, and let’s begin.





Group 1:

The beginning of the year marks an end to a destructive cycle for you. This could mean a breakup or you choosing to stop a destructive habit that has been plaguing you. It’s painful, but ultimately for the best. Don’t give into temptation!

April–July: look toward your goals. You may be feeling out of sorts and lost, but now is not the time to lose sight of what you want in life. Procrastination will not lead you to success.

August–September marks a time of choices to be made. Choices you may not necessarily want to make, need to be in order for you to reach your potential. Again, be wary of distractions and procrastination in order to stay on your path. Things are not always as they seem but your intuition will help guide you.

The year ends with cumulative fruits of your labors in a major way. Everything in your life seems to be going at breakneck pace. Yet again, this card is reversed, warning you not to lose focus despite roadblocks on your path. Trust that what you want to come to fruition will happen, but you must apply yourself.

Every card in this reading is reversed, meaning your actions, choices, and habits are the drivers of your destiny this year. Don’t allow outside influences to cause you to abandon your focus. Be steady and keep your goals in mind in order to succeed.

The theme of your year is the Ten of Pentacles. Abundance! Your hard work will pay off in a major way, and your dreams are coming true. Appreciate the journey and don’t forget the loved ones who helped support you. Take the time to be grateful for all you have and lend aid to those in need. Your future is bright!

Group Two:

You’re currently burned out and exhausted. Perhaps you’re making decisions you regret but you’re feeling directionless and are trying to find solace in the wrong places. Your rash decisions are affecting those around you and the message of the Son of Swords is clear: it’s time to take a step back. Rest and spend some time thinking about who you want to be. Now is the time to plan for the future, not to take action.

April–July, spend some time doing charity work. Volunteer at an animal shelter, clean up the litter in your neighborhood, or take part in activism. Share your compassionate heart with others and allow the good you put into the world to repay you in full with a rejuvenated spirit.

June–September brings a wonderful opportunity for you to make inroads in your career or special interest. Money is flowing in from every direction and you feel totally fulfilled in every aspect of life. Your efforts are rewarded tenfold and everyone will look to you as a source of inspiration.

You’ll receive some deeply disappointing news in the last three months of the year. An undertaking you have been excited about will fall through, leaving you feeling listless, especially after such a bountiful summer. Find support from your loved ones at this time; you’ll need it.

The theme of your year is the Eight of Cups. Often signifying poor health or emotional pain, this card is asking you to prioritize self-care this year. Be gentle with yourself and forgive yourself. Don’t beat yourself up when things go wrong—mistakes are learning opportunities. You’ll be leaving something behind this year and it will be heart-wrenching. However, this is the only way for you to move forward and find true happiness. Keep faith that the path you tread will lead you where you want to be.

Group 3:

January–March is a time of strife. You’ll be fighting with yourself and others. The Five of Swords represents destruction, in words and deeds. Try to stop yourself from saying things you regret, or you will lose more than your temper. Practice removing yourself from arguments or stressful situations in order to avoid your anger jeopardizing your relationships.

By late spring, you’ll have regained balance over your emotional state. You’ll have no troubles keeping the negative energies of others from affecting you. The Father of Cups is King of his emotions, the fluid realm of water, and creativity. Things will flow beautifully from April to June and you’ll be swimming effortlessly through the river of life.

Past traumas resurface in the third quarter of the year, and all your insecurities come out to play. You may feel trapped by negativity and fear, as if you’re being consumed. Reach out to someone you trust and talk to them. Therapy can help you uproot the hold this pain has on you and give you perspective.

By year’s end, you’ve thrown yourself headlong into your work. Opportunities for monetary gain have arisen and you enjoy a newfound sense of importance. While it’s wonderful you’ve found purpose in your career, your home life and relationships are feeling neglected. Not all that glitters is gold. Plan a vacation or a weekend getaway—your career won’t be affected by personal time.

The number nine comes up twice in this reading, representing completion and the end of a cycle. Use this year to focus on breaking negative patterns and beginning anew.

The theme of your year is the Daughter of Cups. It’s time to focus on healing your inner child. A part of you has felt hurt, unloved, and neglected for a long time. You need to express yourself. Creative writing, art, poetry, and journaling can be mirrors for self-reflection. You have always been enough, and now is the time to recognize your inner beauty. You are worthy of love. Believe it.

Group 4:

Things aren’t going to plan in the first quarter of the year and you’re feeling defensive. Don’t isolate yourself, even if it’s the easy thing to do. Your stubbornness may backfire. Try to be flexible; find a new hobby or break in your routine to avoid being stuck in a rut.

April–July will be a difficult time for you. You’ll be pulled in many directions, unable to focus on a clear goal or outcome. Everyone will have an opinion about what you should do—hear them out, irritating as it may be. Perhaps the advice of others is just what you need to gain clarity.

The third quarter of the year indicates financial difficulty. Perhaps retail therapy has been your coping mechanism but it’s time to put on the brakes. Material goods are not a source of happiness, and the thrill of having the next best thing is unsustainable and detrimental. Stop looking outwards for fulfillment. Abundance is a mindset 🙂 .

As 2022 ends, it is full of secrecy and deception. Those around you have been keeping you out of the loop and sowing discord. Take a step back and spend quality time with yourself. Meditate and hone your intuition in order to avoid stumbling blocks. Don’t take things at face value, and keep in mind the motivations of those around you may not be in your best interest.

The theme for your year is The Father of Swords Reversed. While you are wise and able to see the forest for the trees, your ego needs taming. Sometimes you can come off as haughty and your tongue is as sharp as any blade when you choose to wield it. Wield it wisely. Combined with the other cards, this card is a warning to rely on your ability to view things logically, not emotionally. Before you make an emotionally charged decision, try to wait at least a week. Weigh the pros and cons of your options and seek advice from others. You don’t have to do everything alone.

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