Support Peace In The Middle East *And* Women’s Empowerment With These Businesses

January 8, 2018

2017 ended with a statement from Trump recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. When such sweeping, provocative–and potentially dangerous–statements come out, it can make one feel powerless.

Personally, I’m geographically removed and politically, I don’t hold a position of great power. That being said, in my day-to-day life, I try to vote with my dollar. How, I began to think, can I apply this practice to a scenario like this?

Peace in Pieces 

Often, I feel consumed by current events. News is delivered so quickly and continuously that it can feel overwhelming and unchangeable. When the media portrays a situation in a negative light, it’s hard to find silver linings.

However, life delivers beautiful bursts of compassion and humanity daily. Silver linings are bountiful.

Small but Important 

Puzzle pieces are small, yet come together to make something grand.

At my local farmer’s market, I fell into conversation with Cecilia Shobony. Shobony runs Sesamaise Tahini, a small business that aims to bring positive change to the people in the Middle East.

My conversation with her was illuminating. I spoke with her again recently about other small businesses that are also proactively aiming for peace in the Middle East.

I realized that supporting companies with harmonious mission statements is a way I can engage in a practical, positive way.

These companies are creating social change AND are either women-run or women-centered! (Is #Winning to 2017?)

Small Businesses Supporting Peace in the Middle East

For The Home 

Peace (in small pieces): Small Businesses Striving for Peace in the Middle East

Child’s Cup

Child’s Cup Full is a non-profit social enterprise with a mission to create lasting economic opportunities for refugee and low-income communities in the West Bank. At their artisan center, they train and employ women artisans to make handcrafted goods such as educational children’s toys.

Great For: Children’s Birthday Presents, Baby Shower Gifts.

For The Wardrobe 

Peace (in small pieces): Small Businesses Striving for Peace in the Middle East

Two Neighbors

Two Neighbors aims to create new jobs and provide a pathway to collaboration and peace through fashion. Two Neighbors wish to empower women and improve their economic condition in order to create a better future for their children.

Great For: Wedding Attire, Birthday Presents

For The Mouth 

Peace (in small pieces): Small Businesses Striving for Peace in the Middle East

Sesamaise Tahini 

After a decade of doing peace work and relationship building in the Middle East, founder Ceclia Sibony found that food is a universal equalizer and a wonderful vehicle for building relationships. Sesamiase aims to create more global demand for tahini to incentive families in Israel and Palestine to work together, supply the demand, and build peace.

Great For: A Los Angeles Pit-Stop. Located at the beautiful Santa Monica Farmer’s Market

Peace (in small pieces): Small Businesses Striving for Peace in the Middle East

Sindyanna of Galilee

This non-profit promotes business for peace by selling Arab producers’ olive oil and other premium products in the international marketplace, then channels all of the profits back into Arab women education.

Great For: Party Favor Gifts (Weddings, Birthdays…etc.)

Change, no matter the size, is change. What ways do you like to participate online or in your community?

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Photo: Respective Businesses; Featured Image: Two Neighbors

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