2 Genius, All-Natural Tips to Purify Pores & Protect Skin Against Pollution—Sans Products

February 26, 2019

Purify PoresAre you tired of seeing the same advice about skincare? Read one too many articles recommending 3+ liters of water a day and less lifestyle stress? Me too! So I decided to research and try some new ideas on how to purify my own pores and protect my skin from becoming clogged and irritated. My hope was that I could discover something which I could later share with others. Now I would like to share what I found out with all of you.

I would like to start by saying that more often than not, the common advice is common for a reason. Drinking plenty of water and leading a slower, more relaxed life are proven to be critical to maintaining healthy skin and optimal overall health. However, for some people, these methods alone are not enough to make a noticeable difference. Which is where these tips come in. They will help to boost the appearance of your skin and feel beyond what the basic techniques can do… and they are all natural, requiring absolutely no products and very little money (as much as a cup of tea in fact!)

Tip 1: Black Tea.

For many thousands of years, tea had been used as a natural remedy and medicine. In fact, tea is believed to have originated in the Shang Dynasty in China around 2700 BC, where it was used to treat digestive issues. Later in Tibetan Buddhism, it was used as a meditation aid. As it spread across the world the many different varieties have been used to aid digestion, sleep, stress, blood pressure … and yes, have become a known beauty treatment.


Natural Tips to Purify and Protect Your Pores Without Products.

Black tea is perhaps one of the most versatile of them all in terms of beauty. Black tea is rich in tannins which are what makes it so incredible for your skin. They cause black tea’s astringency, which is the puckering, dry mouthfeel that comes with drinking it without milk. The astringent nature of it can be best used for this purpose without drinking it. When applied to the surface of the skin, the astringency provokes the blood vessels to constrict and shrink. Thus closing pores, tightening the skin, toning the face, and reducing any puffiness.

The best ways to apply black tea are:

  • Brewed, cooled and applied to the whole face by soaking a towel and placing it over the skin. Do this after cleansing. Leave this for 10-15 minutes. This will cause your pores to close, keeping out any pollutants which you may encounter in your day which could irritate your skin. Thus your pores will be protected against the environment.
  • Tea bags placed under the eyes for 5-10 minutes. This is a great tip for under-eyes which are inflamed, swollen or simply dull. The caffeine will help to reduce any puffiness, swelling or redness and soothe the pores in these tender areas, allowing your skin to look more supple and bright.

Tip 2: Cold Water on the Face.

Imagine you’ve just had a nice warm shower, opened your pores, perhaps used a beautifully scented lotion and your skin is feeling wonderful. You step out, towel off, get dressed, apply cleanser and moisturizer and you’re ready for the day. But adding one extra step could make all the difference, splashing your face with cold water. It’s that simple.

Natural Tips to Purify and Protect Your Pores WIthout Products.


During a warm shower, the pores naturally open up as your blood vessels relax and this is great for unclogging and letting any unwanted particles wash out. However, if the pores remain open, other harmful particles and irritants can enter during the day. Cold water works to constrict the blood vessels underneath the skin, which encourages the pores on the surface to close. In the same way as black tea, this works to prevent unwanted pollutants from entering the skin and clogging the pores.

Cold water also helps to promote healthy blood flow when blood vessels tighten once more, increasing the speed of the body’s blood circulation. Having a healthy blood flow means that the essential nutrients and oxygen carried in the blood can reach all of the body’s areas. The results of this include, brighter skin, fewer wrinkles, promoted cell growth (think skin rejuvenation) and has even been associated with reductions in risk of diseases like diabetes.

I’m not saying that you need to take completely cold showers and ditch the warm water. This is shown to also have positive benefits along the same lines. However, a simple splash before you turn the water off will offer the same benefits.

As you can see, there are simple, easy, cheap and effective methods for cultivating healthier, clearer skin. It is not necessary to spend money on expensive, unnatural creams and serums, or book up a pricey beauty spa. You can give your skin a boost of TLC using simple things that come from the pantry, or the bathroom tap. Tips that will help to protect your skin in the long term, purfiy your pores and protect against pollutants. Your pores will thank you. With these easy tips, you are on your way to improving your skin’s health and longevity naturally.

Have you tried either of these tips? Or do you know another natural way to purify pores? 

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Photo: Azamat Zhanisov on Unsplash; Mike Kenneally; Aleks Dahlberg

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