Kate Moss Uses This DIY Beauty Treatment To Clarify Pores & Firm Skin—& We're Into It

January 17, 2019

It’s been a hard several weeks for most of us dumplings. From the political instability (U.S., U.K. et al) to the fact that U.S. carbon emissions rose a whopping 3.4% in 2018 (the 2nd largest annual gain in more than two decades), it’s been one staggering news after another. However! In the spirit of PD, I’m bringing you dumplings a piece of bright beauty news that might also make you curb your footprint a bit (more on that later).

Here in the French Alps, I was reading the Vogue Paris when I discovered the most intriguing article about how Kate Moss keeps her supermodel skin in tip-top shape. The 45-year-old It Girl can afford the most expensive skincare products, in-house facials and whatever else you can possibly imagine. But her favorite DIY beauty treatment is so simple that it’s genius. And (almost) free.

When her eyes are tired and the skin is losing its glow, Kate fills a bowl with ice cubes, cold water, and cucumber rounds, and plunges her face in and holds as long as possible. The result? Refined pores and de-bloated appearance. “Of all the beauty tips I’ve learned, this one is by far the best,” says the super. Let that sink in for a minute. Woah!

Evidently, she’s not the only celebrity who is keen on the song of ice and more ice. Vanessa Paradis says she rubs ice cubes over her face to tone and perfect her complexion, and cites Paul Newman as her inspiration (woah, yes, that Paul Newman. Quoi?!). Paul was also a fan of the plunging method, which is too hard for Vanessa to do. Note: If you’re wee scared of holding your breath in ice water, just take one ice cube and rub all over.


I’m also excited about the idea of making infused ice cubes with favorite add-ons. Try: turmeric powder for brightening, a drop of lavender essential oil for calming and blemishes, aloe vera for collagen, and the list goes on!

Back to climate change here for a bit. While it’s undeniable that deregulation led the way for emissions increases, but it’s also fact that heating and electricity together make up nearly 40% of greenhouse gas production. This includes turning up the thermostat, turning on the electric heater, and using a ton of hot water. In the past, it drove me crazy when one side of the office was cold and the other side was hot, so people insisted on keeping the window open while turning on the electric heater. This kind of thing happens all the time, sadly.

Don’t get me wrong, I love taking a hot bath as much as anyone—and I usually even have a hard time when my face-washing water is cold. But instead of turning up the temperature everywhere in the house this winter, how about embracing the cold-water method in the name of beauty—and taking a step back from energy use? Whether it’s washing your face in cold water or letting the cold, fresh air tighten your pores as you walk around outside, embracing le froid is going to make you beautiful and a bit more sustainable as well.

Have you tried the ice bath method? 

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Photo: Renan Katayama / Creative Commons via Wikipedia


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