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Why Creating A Spring Fertility Altar Is So Inspiring (And We Don’t Mean Babies)


With Spring around the corner, I have blossoming on my mind. It doesn’t hurt that in my tropical corner of the world, we’re already starting to see some plants offering their buds and flowers. Blossoming can pertain to more than the flora outside your window, of course. At this time of year, we can also think about what we’re going to create and share with the world this year.

I was joyed to stumble upon the perfect ritual to get ourselves spiritually prepared for the next season and rekindle our inspiration (especially if you find that your New Year’s aspirations feel like a blur). High Vibrational Beauty: Recipes and Rituals for Radical Self Care, penned by the founders of CAP Beauty, Kerryilyn Pamer and Cindy Diprima Morisse, suggests creating a spring fertility altar in your home–and it sounds positively lovely!

“Spring is a time of new beginnings, a time to set intentions and activate your wishes. Build a shrine to your future and to the possibilities of now. Allow this corner of beauty to remind you of your intentions and what you are trying to deliver. Consider a broader meaning of fertility. We’re not just talking babies. What will you create at work or at home? What will you birth this season?” 

Why Creating A Spring Fertility Altar Is So Inspiring (And We Don’t Mean Babies)

As the authors point out, fertility, in this context, is used figuratively and can be defined however you need it to be. Creating a fertility altar is all about inspiring you to pursue something you want to birth.

It could be a state of mind (perhaps you’re working on your reactivity or fostering a growth mindset), or it could be something more tangible (maybe you have a special creative project in mind or are working on starting a business); it could even be a continuing of something you’ve already been working on—your 2019 goals, your education, or even something as simple as sharing your best self with your family or stopping to appreciate the beauty of the world every day.

The point is to brush the dust off your dreams, get creative, have fun, and feel inspired! There is no wrong way to go about creating or enjoying your altar. While some may be inspired to meditate before their altar, you may find that just walking by it on your way out the door to work reminds you of what you’re striving to achieve. Include whatever inspires you—even if you don’t know why it inspires you—somethings are just beautiful, and it’s perfectly okay to enjoy them for that reason alone.

How to DIY an Inspiring Spring Fertility Altar

Why Creating A Spring Fertility Altar Is So Inspiring (And We Don’t Mean Babies)

If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, here are a few to get you started:

A natural element or two. Little is as inspiring as the natural world, so bring something from nature into your home. It could be fresh flowers from your balcony, a glass vase of dried herbs (lavender is always a lovely choice), an interesting rock, crystal, or shell, a beautiful piece of driftwood…there are so many possibilities!

Why Creating A Spring Fertility Altar Is So Inspiring (And We Don’t Mean Babies)

Text. Perhaps a treasured journal or framed quote will help add depth to your spring alter. Consider how your chosen text can help you frame your outlook–or even inspire a mantra for the new season. 

Why Creating A Spring Fertility Altar Is So Inspiring (And We Don’t Mean Babies)

Art. A small painting or drawing instantly adds beauty and meaning to a space. Select something that makes you think, puts you in a special state of mine, or inspires your creativity.

An heirloom or photo of a loved one. A reminder of a loved one or family tradition is a poignant way to feel connected to the past, present, and future.

Why Creating A Spring Fertility Altar Is So Inspiring (And We Don’t Mean Babies)

A spiritual figurine or memento. If you have a spiritual practice, consider integrating that into your spring altar. A religious figurine, a set of prayer beads, or a sacred text are all good choices.

I’m feeling inspired already!

Why Creating A Spring Fertility Altar Is So Inspiring (And We Don’t Mean Babies)

Have you ever made a seasonal altar? What are you trying to “birth” this spring?

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