Natural Beauty: Tauriel Hair and Makeup Tutorial

January 13, 2014

Have you been flirting with any cute dwarves lately?  Has Legolas been lusting for you from afar?  Do you have a penchant for slaying orcs with your bow and arrow?

If you answered “yes” or “I wish” to any of the above questions, this look is for you.  Inspired by The Hobbit’s lady elf Tauriel, it will bring out your elfish elegance and kicking-tail abilities.  (Or maybe just your elegance.)

Now, the real Tauriel (Evangeline Lilly) sports stunning, super perfect braids.  Even if we were immortal, most of just don’t have the time (or the hair crew) to create that intricate masterpiece!  Simple twists are a quicker, more foolproof technique for getting your elf on.

As for makeup, Tauriel keeps it pretty simple. Using dewy, multi-tasking, (cruelty-free) products, you, too, can look like a glowing woodland beauty.


Tauriel hair and makeup tutorial: forelocks

Step One: Find your elf “bangs.”

Step One.

Begin by separating a small portion of hair beginning around your eyebrow line and in front of your ear.  Do this on both sides.  You may want to clip back the rest of your hair until you’ve secured your bangs (Step Two).

Tauriel hair and makeup tutorial: earpins

Step Two: Pin hair.

Step Two.

Neatly roll and pin the locks of hair by your ears.  Leave this portion of hair in pins until you’ve finished the look.

Tauriel hair and makeup tutorial: piece to twist 1

Step Three: Find a piece to twist.

Step Three.

Directly above the hair you just pinned, separate a small chunk of hair.  The size of this chunk will vary depending on how thick you want your twists.   Tightly twist hair inward (towards your head) until you’ve reached the center of the back of your head. Hold in place with a pin and repeat on the other side.


Step Four: Bring twists together.

Step Four.

Once you’ve made twist on both sides, unite twist with a clear elastic.  For an extra twist, push the pony tail up and under the twists.  Pull through and allow the pony tail to rest at the back of your head.

Tauriel hair and makeup tutorial: piece to twist 2

Step Five: Find a second piece to twist.

Step Five. 

For your lower twists, find a chuck of hair below the first twist and behind the “bangs” you pinned in Step Two.  I used a slightly larger chunk for variation.  As with the upper twist, twist both locks of hair toward your head.  These twists should meet near the base of the head.

Secure the lower twists with a clear elastic.  If you choose, you may include the pony tail from the upper twists in the lower elastic.  As with the upper twists, you can push the ponytail up and and under the twists.

Let down your pinned hair from Step Two.


Tauriel hair and makeup tutorial


Tauriel hair and makeup tutorial: lips

Step One: Apply a soft, simple lip.


Step One. 

First, I tucked my “ear locks” behind my ears since I didn’t want to get any makeup goop on them.

After applying light, tinted moisturizer, apply soft pink lip balm. No need for a heavy lipstick! I’m using Pacifica’s Color Quench: All Natural Moisture Lip Tint in “guava berry.”  While Tauriel wears more of a dusty peach, choose the variety of pink that suits your skin tone best. 

Tauriel hair and makeup tutorial: gloss copy

Step Two: A little gloss draws attention to your lips.

Step Two.

Apply a dab of gloss to the center of your lips to accentuate their fullness. I’m using Pacifica’s Enlightened Gloss in “opal.”

Tauriel hair and makeup tutorial: cheeks

Step Three: After traveling through the wilderness, you must be at least a little flushed.

Step Three. 

Blend a dewy blush onto your cheeks for a youthful glow.  I’m using lip balm from Step One as my blush.

Tauriel hair and makeup tutorial: shadow

Step Four: Shadow your eyes with simple earth tones.

Step Four.

Tauriel’s eyes are simple and earthy.  Apply a medium brown shadow to your moving eyelid.  I’m using the medium brown from Josie Maran’s Argan Beautiful Eyes “Nudes” palette.

Tauriel hair and makeup tutorial: liner

Step Five: Softly line your eyes.

Step Five.

Line your upper and lower lash lines with a matte, brown eyeliner.  To keep the look soft, use a light touch with the lower lash line. I’m using Jane Iredale’s Pencil Eyeliner in “black/brown.”

Tauriel hair and makeup tutorial: mascara

Step Six: Finish your look with mascara.

Step Six. 

Curl your lashes, apply a single coat of your favorite mascara, and get ready to bat your eyes!  I’m using Tarte’s Lights Camera Flashes.

Tauriel hair and beauty tutorial

tauriel beauty final


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Photos: Mary Hood


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