Natural Beauty: 5 Ways to Revamp Your Look for Spring

April 20, 2015

Natural Beauty: 5 Ways to Freshen Your Look with Spring-Inspired Beauty | Peaceful Dumpling

Revamp your look this spring with these delightful spring-inspired beauty tips.

The old clichés that the spring season is “romantic” and “a time of rebirth” are repeated as often as they are because, as most of us agree, there’s a lot of truth to them. And whether you’re a poet or a gal just wanting to change up her look, the spring air is probably whispering in your ear, “make it new.”

Below are five ways to embrace the season of daffodils and dreamers and freshen your look with spring-inspired beauty.

Cleanse. Purge, detox, simplify, etc.! Spring clean your beauty routine with a skin cleanse. Avoid using makeup (and even soap & lotions) for any amount of time between a day and two weeks. When I went without products for three days, my skin was noticeably more oil-balanced, and I definitely plan to embark on an extended skin cleanse prior to my wedding. (Think this product junkie can make it for two weeks?!) While you’re at it, lighten your load by sorting through your beauty arsenal, and tossing products that are expired or no longer serving you. Give your makeup brushes a good cleaning (this should happen weekly, ideally) and reorganize the goodies you’ve decided to hang on to. You’ll be thanking yourself on weekday mornings!

Go long (with your hair). Or go short. Looking back on my high school and college years, if I chopped off a significant amount of hair, it was always in the spring. (Identity crises, much?) Come to think of it, with a little more texturizing, my shoulder-length cuts of yore would fit in nicely with this season’s “lob,” i.e., the long bob plastering your Pinterest feed. Given the heat where I live, a lob sounds like a nice change from my mid-back length hair.

Natural Beauty: 5 Ways to Freshen Your Look with Spring-Inspired Beauty | Peaceful Dumpling

Embrace loose waves, whatever your hair length!

Alternatively, if you’ve been a devotee of a bob, why not try to grow your hair out? Equally popular this season is the long and wavy look, complete with a 70s-esque center part. So boho! With either look, loose, textured waves are the style of choice. If you’re growing your hair out, make sure to follow healthy hair practices. Healthy hair is beautiful hair!

Update your hair with an accessory. As much as I love to be creative with my makeup, I confess that I have a hair uniform. It involves air-dried hair, a slightly off-center part (my stubborn, natural part, that is), and four bobby pins. On either side of my head, I secure two chunky front pieces. My hair is out of my face but still “down” for the most part. It takes all of two minutes. While I’ll probably still cling to my hair uniform, I can at least add a pretty accessory to shake things up (overstatement alert).

Natural Beauty: 5 Ways to Freshen Your Look with Spring-Inspired Beauty | Peaceful Dumpling

Urban Outfitters Star Cluster Hair Clip

Delicate gold barrettes and hair pins are very on-trend this season. The good news is that they’re easy to use on shorter and longer hair! But I won’t fault you if you sport a flower crown (may they live forever!).

Embrace brights. This season, the beauty world is flaunting bright pairings—think bright pink lips and magenta nails. If you’re going for bright accents, keep the rest of your look balanced by opting for minimal eye makeup. Also, keep your skin tone in mind when selecting your bold brights. Fair skin is flattered by peachy colors and reds with a blue undertone. If your skin is medium, steer clear of blue-based reds since they can wash out your color. For dark-skinned beauties, deep fuchsia with red undertones is most flattering.

Natural Beauty: 5 Ways to Freshen Your Look with Spring-Inspired Beauty | Peaceful Dumpling

Trust Fund Beauty Party of the Year

Try a new scent. While spring is certainly the perfect time to envelop yourself in the sweetest of floral fragrances, I dare you to try something a little less expected and out of your comfort zone. If you’re a floral lover (like me!), why not try a heady oriental with a hint of rose—or an amber perfume with notes of peony? Get some inspiration by finding your perfume mood.

Natural Beauty: 5 Ways to Freshen Your Look with Spring-Inspired Beauty | Peaceful Dumpling

Honoré des Prés Love Coconut

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Photos: Maegan Tintari via Flickr, Urban Outfitters, Trust Fund Beauty, Spirit Beauty Lounge

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