Natural Beauty: Finding Your Perfume Mood

December 5, 2014

Peaceful Dumpling: Finding Your Perfume Mood

Natural Beauty: Finding Your Perfume Mood — A fun way to explore the world of perfume.

During high school, I began a long, meandering search for my perfect signature fragrance. I knew it would be feminine, light, sensual, complex, dreamy, floral, spicy…the list went on. Of course, I never found just one scent—or even a highly competitive two or three or four.

As the years went by and I still hadn’t found The Fragrance, I started to realize that I don’t need a signature scent to still enjoy perfume and use it to express myself. In fact, I can indulge in multiple fragrances. Loving several perfumes gives me options. I don’t have a single scent identity—which is why I didn’t title this piece, “Finding Your Scent Identity,” as I originally thought I would.

Just like my identity as “Mary” resists easy classification, so, too, does my taste in fragrance. I once thought of myself as a strictly “floral” person, but that label doesn’t really apply anymore. Now, I adventure among, florals, floral orientals (or “florientals”), and woodsy fragrances, among many others!

Below is a very simplified list of scent profiles. I encourage you to try something new. Branch out from the Eau de Everyday. Match a scent profiles to your mood. Explore the multiple version of yourself through fragrance.


Peaceful Dumpling: Finding Your Perfume Mood

Common citrus notes: verbena, lemongrass, bergamot, blood orange

The mood: refreshing, crisp, contemporary, light

Perfect for: anytime you need to express your inner joy—or, alternatively, anytime your spirits need a quick lift.

Our pick: Designed to remind the wearer of the California coast, Pacifica Malibu Lemon Blossom invigorates with notes of lemon blossom, litsea cubeba, flowering angel’s trumpet, and delicate herbs. I can breathe easier just thinking about it!


Peaceful Dumpling: Finding Your Perfume Mood

Common floral notes: tuberose, rose, ylang ylang, cherry blossom, jasmine

The mood: ethereal, feminine, romantic, timeless

Perfect for: picnic dates, coffee with the girls, and those times when you just want to feel like you’re surrounded by a garden.

Our pick: The delightful Harvey Prince Cherie Blossom offers a pleasing bouquet of cherry blossom, sparkling pink grapefruit, vanilla, and (vegan) musk.


Peaceful Dumpling: Finding Your Perfume Mood

Common green notes: fig leaf, fern, basil, green tea leaves, mint

The mood: fresh, spicy, sometimes unisex, sometimes masculine

Perfect for: anytime you want to feel clean, crisp, sporty, and one with the great outdoors.

Our pick: Inspired by a swim on a spring morning, Honoré des Prés Nu Green Verrine Eau de Toilette blends mint leaves, cedar wood, and dewy grass to conjure images of pure, fresh water.


Peaceful Dumpling: Finding Your Perfume Mood

Common woodsy notes: cedar wood, pine, sandalwood

The mood: deep, pensive sometimes austere, sometimes soft

Perfect for: cooler months, evening outings, and times of reflection.

Our pick: Vetiver root, basil, and dried cloves flowers come together in the smoky Honoré Des Prés Chaman’s Party Verrine Eau de Toilette, for a daring, unisex woodsy fragrance.


Peaceful Dumpling: Finding Your Perfume Mood

Common fruity notes: peach, plum, almond, apple, passion fruit

The mood: youthful, flirty, sexy

Perfect for: anytime you want a little extra flirt in your step and when you want to express your fun-loving, playful spirit.

Our pick: Seductive passion fruit, guava, and peach nectar make LaVanila Vanilla Forever a deliciously enticing blend. Wear with caution 😉


Peaceful Dumpling: Finding Your Perfume Mood

Common oriental notes: amber, vanilla, incense, myrrh, clove

The mood: voluptuous, heady, exotic

Perfect for: pairing with your LBD and anytime to want to add a little mystery to your persona.

Our pick: Grasse Roots Geisha, a beautifully sophisticated perfume, is a bouquet of jasmine, ylang ylang, neroli, dusky rose, and a little spice. Très chic.

All perfumes featured are vegan, cruelty-free, and free of phthalates and parabens. 

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Photos: Vetiver Aromatics via Flickr, Pacifica Perfume, Harvey Prince Perfume, Spirit Beauty Lounge, Lavanila Laboratories, Grasse Roots Perfumery

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