Natural Beauty: 10 Amazing Uses of Comfrey

August 27, 2014

10 Amazing Uses of Comfrey | Peaceful Dumpling

Recently I’ve realized that you can keep learning something new about yourself…and so, this summer, I discovered that I am a magnet for mosquitoes. Hemingway might have said that Paris is a movable feast, but the same can be said about me, for bloodsuckers. If there are my friends nearby, mosquitoes ignore them and come straight to me–so unfair!

Luckily for me, I’ve just found the most amazing treatment for bug bites–comfrey. Comfrey is an herb that has been used to treat various ailments for thousands of years. It’s also commonly called things like ‘knitbone’ and ‘boneset,’ which speaks to its medicinal uses. Laura Bellefontaine, the founder of Genuinely Simple, sent me a set of her organic, vegan, and all-natural line of body products made with comfrey. And let me tell you, they have been amazing at treating my bites. Not only that, they’re incredible multi-taskers for all sorts of topical issues.

10 Amazing Uses of Comfrey | Peaceful Dumpling

From left, lavender cream, original, peppermint, and comfrey lotion bar

These magical creams are made in a sort of magical way, too. Comfrey plants and calendula flowers are allowed to sit in olive oil for weeks so that their medicinal properties flow into the oil, then the oil is mixed with shea butter and organic candelila wax for consistency and more moisturizing power. The lotion bar has the same ingredients but with more candelila wax, and it’s one of my favorite new beauty discoveries.

Here are some of my favorite ways to use comfrey.

1. Bug bites–first thing I did when I got my paws on these was slather the peppermint comfrey cream all over my bug bites. Before you call me out for being a crybaby, I have had about 2 dozen red, stinging, itching, inflamed spots all over my body for 2 weeks (gross, I know). Immediately, the itching and the swelling seemed to go down–and the next morning, the bites had almost completely subsided. Just few more applications later, they all but disappeared. This is even more amazing because I had been dabbing peppermint essential oil for a few weeks without much improvement!

2. Body moisturizer–You can use the creams or the lotion bar as all-over body moisturizer for long-lasting hydration. I’m obsessed with the lotion bar because getting my hands slippery after taking a shower is just…one too many step for me. I like to towel off and go. But for busy gals like me, this lotion bar business can’t be any simpler. Just rub it all over and you’re done–no slipperiness or feeling too wet to put on pants (you know what I mean??). It smells great, too!

3. Body butter–another great way to intensely moisturize is to make your DIY body butter with comfrey cream and coconut oil. Just melt some coconut oil in a sauce pan over low heat and mix in comfrey cream. Transfer to an airtight container/ Mason jar and allow to cool. You can even use this as massage oil.

4. Scars–Comfrey contains allantonin, which aids in cell formation–so it works wonders for scars of all kinds. Use it on your new or old scars, stretch marks, etc to heal and fade them.

5. Muscle, ligament, and joint aches-Apply comfrey cream directly on any areas that feel inflamed or achy, or even pulled muscles or ligaments. After applying, try heat compression to help the medicinal properties absorb better.

6. Bruises, scrapes, minor burns–I get a lot of bruises on my legs from banging into furniture and comfrey cream has been reducing and fading them.

7. Acne scars, eczema–comfrey cream can be used on your face, too! It will help lighten acne scars and speed up new skin growth, and reduce your eczema.

8. Lip butter–Finally, a super hydrating balm that isn’t beeswax-based! I have very dry lips naturally and comfrey cream makes them soft for hours.

9. Hair cream–I use a bit of comfrey cream to smooth flyaways and tame my bangs and ends. It also helps reduce the look of dry, straw-like ends!

10. Shaving cream–Just take the lotion bar and rub it over your legs before shaving. Afterwards, rinse your razor in hot water to get rid of the lotion, and you get the softest, silkiest legs without any fuss.


11. Relaxation–I use the lavender comfrey cream before bed to unwind, rubbing a bit into my neck, behind my ears and on my temples. It’s so soothing and calming!

Pretty amazing, right? Laura kindly offered a coupon code for Peaceful Dumpling readers who want to try comfrey: it’s PEACEFUL15 for 15% off the entire purchase. And stay tuned for an exciting Reader Giveaway featuring Genuinely Simple! 

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