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Natural Beauty: Beauty Benefits of Rose

Natural Beauty: Beauty Benefits of Rose
Although we often deem roses clichéd, there’s a reason why these flowers are immensely popular. Aside from their physical beauty (just look at that pink!), there are many beauty benefits of rose extracts.

Before switching to a greener, vegan beauty routine, I was nonplussed with “rose” inspired beauty goods. Many products infused with synthetic rose fragrance smell old, according my nose—and not “old” in classic, vintage way. “Old” as in stuffy, outdated…you get the idea.

Fresh, natural rose extract, however, is delightful and almost innocent. What’s more, rose is a powerful beauty multi-tasker. Whatever your skin type, rose has something sweet in store for you.

Natural Beauty: Beauty Benefits of Rose
A modern interpretation of rose, this crisp, unisex fragrance may change your mind about rose.

Strange Invisible Perfumes: Eau de Parfum Aquarian Rose

Rose promotes a clear complexion. Being both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, rose essential oil can help reduce the severity of breakouts while calming swollen and red skin.

Natural Beauty: Beauty Benefits of Rose
Rose may be a gentler approach to acne-free skin.

 Shea Terra Rose Water Toner

Rose is anti-aging. High in vitamin C, rose can help protect skin from oxidative damage—a process that happens as we age and when we we’re exposed to UV rays. Combined with its moisturizing powers (see below), it’s no wonder that rose derivatives are appearing in everything from toners to eye creams.


Natural Beauty: Beauty Benefits of Rose
For seriously glowing, dewey skin, try a facial oil blend that includes organic carrier oils and, you guessed it, rose essential oil.

 May Lindstrom Skin: The Good Stuff

Rose water and oil are hydrating. The natural oil found in rose is soothing and hydrating. Products with natural rose derivatives boost skin’s smoothness and softness. For these reasons, rose is a especially good ingredient for those with sensitive skin.

Rose may boost energy and lift your spirits. As our favorite perfumes often do, rose helps alleviate anxiety and puts a little pep in our step. Not to mention, rose is a well-known aphrodisiac. Rose water (and chocolate!) contain phenylethylamine, a chemical produced in the brains of people in love. For centuries, rose water has been added to desserts like Turkish delights, rice pudding, and baklava to give the sweets a little something extra. Anyone know any vegan recipes for these? 🙂

Natural Beauty: Beauty Benefits of Rose
A lovely pre-bed, post-long day ritual: mist sheets with rose-infused bedroom spray and take a few deep breaths.

Amala Aroma Apothecary Renew Rose Room & Linen Mist

Do you guys love roses (as in flowers, perfumes, beauty products…)? 

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Photos: Pennina Newman via Flickr, Spirit Beauty Lounge

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