‘This Is Us’ Star Mandy Moore’s Approach To Wellness Is Refreshingly Free Of BS

February 5, 2018

Speaking from experience, it can be dangerously easy to get caught up in the latest, most glamorous wellness trends, always feeling like you’re trying to keep up with it all—which does not, as we know, contribute to wellness! Of course, we all want to feel, look, and perform our best, so it’s wonderful to be reminded that you don’t have to shell out $$$ or bend over backward to take care of yourself and be a total wellness maven.

Mandy’s Moore’s Approach To Wellness Is So Down-To-Earth & Completely BS-Free

Actress, singer, and Nice Person Mandy Moore is a refreshing example of a celebrity who most likely has access to all the things but keeps her lifestyle pretty normal (well, as normal as things can be for someone of her star status). Here’s how she stays well, feels her best, and thrives according to her own rules.

Moore has a joyful approach to aging. While she does practice some skin care, she admits to not being super hardcore: “I’m diligent, but I’m not doing anything proactive like retinol or anything,” she told Byrdie. “The aging process—I say bring it on.”

Mandy’s Moore’s Approach To Wellness Is So Down-To-Earth & Completely BS-Free

But for Moore, aging is more about more than fine lines and changes to your appearance. It’s about finding more confidence, enjoying yourself, and ditching unnecessary stress:

“I don’t know if you guys feel this way, but I love myself so much more—or I care less—than I did in my 20s,” she explained. “As long as I feel good and I know that everything in moderation including moderation—like I’m taking care of myself, mentally especially, I’m outside, I’m getting some vitamin D, I’m hiking, I’m feeling connected and grounded, I’m going to therapy. All of that stuff factors into my life so much more than like What do I eat? Like I’ve never been that girl anyway—I don’t stress out about that stuff.”

When it comes to her diet and fitness, Moore keeps it sane. “I go to bed obscenely early and I try to drink a lot of water and I don’t drink a ton—I don’t know? But I’m also, like, a regular person. I’m going to have some of that crumble and I don’t fuss about that stuff.”

Mandy’s Moore’s Approach To Wellness Is So Down-To-Earth & Completely BS-Free

Like many of us, Moore feels that wellness is an ongoing process of finding balance and what works best for your whole self: “My idea of wellness is constantly shifting. I think it’s taking care of myself — a comprehensive view of taking care of myself, whether it’s health, nutrition, or fitness,” she told The Cut.

It’s also about taking care of your reproductive health. “Wellness should be an all-encompassing term that includes being mindful of family planning or birth-control options. That’s something that’s really important to me and I don’t think it’s really discussed enough.”

But what about her routine?! Well, Moore’s wellness routine probably is not that different from your own! “I want to say I have some fantastic routine, but I wake up and I make coffee — a pour-over. Then it’s a little bit of “me” time to catch up on the news, feed my dogs and cats, and sort of putz around the house.”

“Once I became an adult, had real responsibilities and a job, I realized that I needed to ground myself in the day before I start to tackle anything. If I’m getting up early for work, I’ll take that half-hour less of sleep so I can have a cup of coffee before I leave, check emails, and feel like I’m sort of naturally flowing into my day instead of abruptly starting it.”

Let’s hear it for that natural flow! What makes you feel most grounded?

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Photo: Mandy Moore via Instagram

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