5 Things To Master Before Turning 30 To Perfect Your Signature Lifestyle

February 6, 2018

Turning 30 brings about a new stage of adulthood. You most likely have reached a point where you have found a job that you enjoy or the direction you would like to go with your career, taken part in memorable experiences, and found what you want in your life and what you don’t. You don’t have to have everything together by 30, but there are a few things you should master by this time.

5 Things To Master Before You Turn 30

5 Things To Master Before Turning 30

  1. Learn to say no– Saying “no” may sound far too simple to be included on this list, but in actuality, it can be harder than we think. Your twenties is the time to perfect and practice your ability to acknowledge where your time is most valuable and to say no to the things that may not be a priority or part of your goals. Furthermore, it’s important to learn to say no and not be scared of other’s reactions. Saying no also ties into time management and not putting too much on your plate. Avoiding spreading yourself too thinly is essential to focus on what’s most important.
  2. Find your go-to hobby- Our interests will continue to evolve and grow as we grow, but you should find a hobby that suits you while in your twenties. With work, friends, family, and relationships, you need an outlet. It is a stress reliever and a comfort to have one to always go to. Whether it be a book club, knitting, or pilates, find something that stays consistent that you fit into your schedule and continue to master. Having that one hobby that you commit to and work to perfect will relieve stress and allow you to create personal goals.
  3. Identify your personal mantra– It may not remain your mantra forever and you may have multiple mantras to live by, but it is important to find one that resonates with you and empowers you. My mantra is “you are enough.” I have it posted, and I play it over in my head during times when I need that reminder.
  4. Discover and perfect your signature dish- As an adult, you are invited to countless occasions requiring a dish of choice to be brought. From office parties, barbecues and holidays, it makes all of these events easier if you have a dish on hand to sign up to bring. Whether it be to-die-for brownies or your family’s lasagna recipe, you’ll know exactly what to sign up for. As vegans, I think we’re already a step ahead of the game as we often have to bring our own dishes anyway! Here’s my signature vegan pasta dish, he he.
  5. Find your “special occasions” outfit- By the time you’ve turned 30, you’ve reached the age where your friends begin tying the knot, throwing baby showers, and hosting all other occasions calling for that special outfit. It is a lifesaver to have that go-to outfit and shoes ready for that spur of the moment invitation. You never know when you’ll be asked to accompany someone to a wedding or such. Before you reach 30, you’ll be thankful to have that one perfect fitting outfit to pull out of your closet.

5 Things To Master Before You Turn 30

What do you want to master before turning 30?

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