Healthy Snacks: Low Fat Raw Vegan Hummus!

May 29, 2014

Low Fat Raw Vegan Hummus

I adore hummus! It’s uber delicious, creamy, filling, and addictive. As you may know, I follow a fruit-based, mostly raw vegan and low-fat diet. I eat 90% raw, which means I usually sprout my chickpeas or buy them sprouted from my natural store, before blending this up. But I do incorporate cooked foods, and in a pinch a can of chickpeas, rinsed and drained, will work too. This is an amazing hummus recipe using no oil or tahini, that tastes like pizza (yum!). It’s chickpeas, basil, sun dried tomatoes and olive juice with garlic, salt and pepper, and lemon juice to taste.

All you need is a blender! I can never get it to last very long, unfortunately! Serve with carrot “chips” and grape tomatoes–or try fresh bell pepper slices, mushrooms, celery sticks.

Low Fat Raw Vegan Hummus

1 can of chickpeas, drained (alternatively, 2 cups sprouted chickpeas)
1 lemon, juiced
1 clove of garlic
1/4 tsp paprika
7 pieces sun dried tomatoes (soaked for 2 hours)
Some brine from 1 jar of olives–make sure to get a jar of olives without olive oil in it.
Handful of fresh basil
Add everything into the blender and blend. I prefer to gradually add the brine in small amounts. My hummus turned out dark because the tomatoes I had on hand were a very deep red. The color of your tomatoes will determine the color of your hummus.

Low Fat Raw Vegan Hummus


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Photo: Jessica Ferguson

Jessica Ferguson
Jessi is an American expat living in India with her husband, child, and animal companions. She has been vegan for close to a decade and cares for sick and injured freely roaming animals with her husband. If she's not chasing after dogs or a toddler, Jessi can usually be found snuggling local cows, doing yoga, or meditating. For glow-ups of cute free roaming animals, check out @Karunya4animals on twitter!


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