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What Fruitarian Diet Looks Like: 3 Day Food Journal


Fruitarianism is really a simple way of eating and it feels wonderfully natural, as well as having benefits such as high energy, clear skin, bright eyes, accelerated hair and nail growth, and balanced mood. These are just some of the positive effects I’ve experienced since embracing high-carb fruitarian diet.  Sometimes it can be challenging to find a good variety of organic fruit and that’s probably the most annoying part of it besides chopping and cutting and blending when you’re hungry 😛

But that doesn’t mean fruitarian diet isn’t fun! Come see my 3 Days of fruit-filled high-carb low-fat raw vegan meals!

Day 1

Breakfast: Blueberry Cinnamon Dateorade

Blend: 4c Blueberries

18 Dates (Let soak in blender in ~1 liter of water for 15-20 minutes before adding the blueberries so the dates will blend more easily. It is important to drink plenty of water with any dried fruit such as dates or raisins because they can be very dehydrating.)

Cinnamon, to taste


What Fruitarian Diet Looks Like

10 banana smoothie with optional 2 servings pb2 (powdered peanut butter–it gives it a pb taste without the full fat of peanut butter, not too sure how I feel about it on a daily basis as I do like plain banana smoothies best, but it’s a fun treat!)


Highvibin’s Zucchini Pasta with Sundried Tomato Cilantro Sauce photo courtesy: Highvibin

What Fruitarian Diet Looks Like - raw tomato pasta!

Total calories: 2,924 89.4% carbs/5.9%fat/4.6%protein (111% RDA for protein by the way 🙂 )


Day 2

What Fruitarian Diet Looks Like - watermelon juice!

Breakfast 1/2 Watermelon smoothie (you can add lime or lemon juice to this (strain lightly to get out some roughage) and make limeade or lemonade! Technically, this is not good food combining, but I have never had problems with lemons, limes or berries with my watermelon)

Lunch: 4 Mangos

Dinner: 8 Banana Smoothie with 1 cup frozen blueberries 1/2 serving of hemp seeds sprinkled on top

Calories: 2,492 88.7%carbs/5.9%fat/5.4%protein (106% RDA protein)


Day 3

What Fruitarian Diet Looks Like - watermelonWhat Fruitarian Diet Looks Like - hydration

Breakfast: 1/2 Watermelon (I really love getting hydrated in the mornings!)

Lunch: 1 Cantaloupe (Cantaloupe smoothies are one of my favorites)

What Fruitarian Diet Looks Like

Snack: 2 oranges, 1 mango, 6 medjool dates and 1 heart of Romaine (I made lettuce date wraps, yum!)

Dinner: Raw Sushi (If you would rather, you can do something like Raw ’til 4 and use regular sushi rice instead!)

What Fruitarian Diet Looks Like(someone’s sneaky nose)

1-2 heads of cauliflower grated and mixed with rice wine vinegar, salt and sugar to taste (heat up the rice wine vinegar and mix in the salt and pepper so it dissolves)

What Fruitarian Diet Looks Like - raw sushi using cauliflower rice

Sheets of Nori (Seaweed)

Veggies: carrot, asparagus, 1/4 avocado, beet, sprouts, zucchini, cucumber, whatever you like! These should be in bigger chunks to make the roll nice and fat! You can even grate the veggies to make more veggie “rice” if you run out of cauliflower and are still hungry!

What Fruitarian Diet Looks Like - Raw Vegan Sushi

What Fruitarian Diet Looks Like

Sweet Chile Sauce (inspired by Freelee)

Water, Red Peppers, Coconut Sugar, and green onion to taste, bring to boil on stove top or just use hot water and mix in other ingredients. You could even…microwave it for like 30 seconds. Don’t judge, I was hungry X)

Calories: 2,209 86.7%carb/6.5%fat/6.8%protein (135%RDA protein)


Please note: I am only 5’2″, I don’t consume as many calories as a taller person who may daily eat upwards of 2,500 calories. I eat up to 3,000 calories or more depending on my level of activity and how hungry I am, as long as I keep my carb/fat/protein ratio between 80/10/10 and 90/5/5, I eat what I want, as much as I want and feel fantastic! I never ever ever restrict my calories; I literally eat fruit and carbs like crazy (best life ever)! I include 20% high-carb cooked foods in my diet such as rice, potatoes, gluten-free pizzas, corn pasta, quinoa, and other grains, because it is cheaper than eating completely raw vegan and there is the relative ease (not to mention “normalcy”) of sticking to high-raw veganism when compared to the failure rate of a completely raw vegan lifestyle. I also exercise 3 or 4 times a week, lifting weights and doing cardio or HiiT.

Try eating a high-calorie fruit smoothie (at least~1000 calories or 8-12 bananas plain or with vanilla bean, carob, other fruit, spinach, celery, the possibilities are endless) for breakfast every day, and then work up to fruit snacks and high calorie fruit lunches, and bam, you’re a fruitarian (90% or more fruit is wonderful if you can)! Just remember to eat your carbs and keep your fat percentages low (use or you will feel sluggish, heavy, and tired. Food combining on this lifestyle is extremely important, as well as getting enough sleep, sunlight, water (about 2 liters daily), and play time! My cheapest staple food is bananas. I buy them by the case (I can get a 40 lb case of organic bananas for under $20 because the guys at the grocery store can’t figure out how to ring them up, so they hook me up with the conventional price…but don’t tell them I told you!). I also buy dates in bulk, as well as many other foods because it’s cheaper. Frozen fruit is wonderful, and sometimes cheaper than fresh (take blueberries for example: I can buy 2 lbs of frozen organic blueberries for under $7.00, and a small container of fresh conventional blueberries for $3.50). Shop around to find the best prices. Rice and potatoes/sweet potatoes are great staples as well, though potatoes digest much easier than rice. Brown rice is better than white rice nutrient-wise–however, white rice cooks faster!!

Some people do report weight gain on a fruitarian diet, but it is only initial (from what I’ve personally experienced/seen from people on youtube, instagram, tumblr, and facebook) and is typically water weight or the person may have been underweight to begin with. If you are exercising, you may gain weight from new muscles as well, but will look leaner! This is not a lose weight quick diet, this is a long term HEALTHY lifestyle, and will give you the energy to tackle whatever comes your way and more!

If you’re looking to change your diet, or do a vegan experiment, try fruitarianism! Let me know your thoughts and experiences! If you want some more fruity inspiration, you can always follow me on instagram @bananalark !



Before I became fruitarian (or even vegan!) way back in October 2012. I was extremely unhealthy and suffered from low self esteem, acne, an eating disorder and depression.

b132a61c0b5f11e383f722000a1fbd91_6 August 2013 on a high carb fruit diet (60-80% fruit, 40% cooked food) I was starting to feel really wonderful at this point (enjoying food!) but was struggling with my weight/self esteem.

36e9b2f29c2211e389aa0e632b3228b2_6 March 2014, happy, healthy, high raw (80-90% raw) fruitarian vegan 🙂

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Jessica Ferguson

Jessica Ferguson

Contributor at Peaceful Dumpling
Jessica Ferguson is your typical super-powered vegan living in sunny San Marcos, Texas. Alongside her trusty canine companion, Hamlet the Great, she seeks to rid the world of all evil using the brilliant, vibrant powers of fruit and veggies. Her hobbies include reading, hugging trees, talking to basil, and turning everything into smoothies. To some, she is a others, just a vegan.
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you…I’m a newbie transitioning from high protein, low carb. I have been looking for what a day looks like ~food wise~ in the life of raw high carbers.

    • Dakota Fleming

      You will definatly go to the bathroom alot

      • Stephen Orchard

        The pure fruit diet has benefits that far outweigh most discussed……and people who cheat on the protocol always complain it does not work for them….ok….so something else, no need to trash folks who are on the discovery path of wellness and damaged cell regeneration……the fruit diet digests quickly and easy….ie…left over energy that repairs damaged cells ….by the way advocado has better and more protein than most mentionables….. I am a 75 yr healthy male with the blood pressure of youth……no illness lives in a alkaline body… matter what name you give it….

    • MrFreeman012 .

      Other than the liquid balancing (you might want to salt whatever you can and have it still taste good) and protein, which should preferably come from an animal source LIKE MILK, milking an animal doesn’t KILL it, fruitarian diets have it pretty well figured out. I dare say though that the whole fruit has pectin and fiber that really irritates my gut, I have to drink juice that’s had pectin removed or I get tense and feel absolutely horrible.

      • Thanks MrFreeman. I have actually gone back to the high fat, moderate protein way of eating. It just works much better for me in that i have more energy and endurance. I like the idea of being able to consume fruit and loads of it but time and time again it has proven for me to lead to weight gain and makes me lethargic.

      • Elizabeth

        Yet, vegans don’t drink milk because it still involves using an animal for the benefit of a human. Then considering also that most other animals (I include humans within that term) only drink their own mothers milk, not milk from other animals. Plus, the milk industry can be just as cruel as the meat industry and not everyone has farms to get their milk from.

  • Cyanna Miller

    I am about to begin this lifestyle. My only road block is I can’t seem to find where to purchase fruit in such a large quantity. Any advice on this?

    • Dakota Fleming

      Yes go to your local farmers market

  • Dakota Fleming

    This is a weight loss diet i keep losing pounds and my hair is getting thicker

  • kat

    Thats waaaaaaaaaaay too many calories for trying to lose weight

  • kat

    I wish I didnt have to count calories I hate it. If I dont make juices or smoothies Do you think I could eat as much as I want then?fruit only of course..

  • shara neiman

    I can’t eat that much fruit in one day and don’t even want to. I eat maybe 6 – 7 lbs. total which includes a green smoothie. I also eat a salad every day, some green juice and maybe half an avocado or a little coconut meat and that’s about it. I also drink a lot of water in between. I have to say I feel great. I’m thin but not skinny and work out about 3 times a week. If I was younger I would probably eat a little more but at 50 this works for me. I think if you increase your fat intake a little it helps you scale back on the number of calories that can pile up so quickly if you are eating just sweet fruit. Greens and small amounts of fat help me feel more balanced and more satiated too. Anyway thanks for the post. It’s great that more people are becoming interested in high raw low fat vegan, it’s the only way to live.

  • christina

    I have been trying with raw fruit and veg, I love the taste of fresh raw fruit and fresh veg, but I keep failing and bingeing on pizzas,chocolate, bread, cheese,butter. It is soul-destroying, each time I think I can do it, but each time I fail, and find myself clogged up and need a lot of time to clear myself out, and the vicious circle goes on, and it is very bad for my health, liver and intestines. What can I do to stop?
    I live in Italy,Europe. Any advise is greatly appreaciated, I want to be healthy, but it seems there is a negative side in me that keeps dragging me down, thanks very much for your help.

  • MrFreeman012 .

    If you’re gonna go fruitarian at least include a quart of milk and some salt, don’t want electrolyte imbalances, the milk will provide B12, zinc and selenium and stuff. Although, if you’re worried about long term health aside from nutrient deficiencies than it’s non-homogenized or bust, preferable to go raw and boil it yourself for slight, non-harmful pasteurization. One problem of a fruitarian diet is the liquid balance, you need more salt. But other than that, I have to say fruitarian diets are on somewhat of a right track, you just need more animal protein, and milk is a way to get it without killing an animal.

    • Elizabeth

      I highly doubt that’s the ONLY way. Plus, up there it said she’s vegan, if I’m not mistaken, not vegetarian… so milk would be a no-go. Try again!

    • Kristen Truman

      Are you F’in kidding me?!? Dairy is the cruelest! 10x worse than eating me! Mother cow goes though a lifetime of torture being abused, raped by and re-impregnated over and over again and her babies are all taken away seconds after birth to then be murdered for what humans have labeled “veal” .. educate yourself on the facts!

    • Rebecca James

      Good grief! You’re actually advising somebody to drink a glass of pus? You are on the wrong message board! NOBODY needs animal protein, except animals. How stupid are you?

  • christina

    hello any advice on terrible constipation? I am full, can’t eat anymore, i have tried spinach,carrots etc but I’m blocked.

    • Massage On Wheels

      Eat watermelon only until you poop watermelon.

  • MyName

    I see very little protein products in your food lists. Will you tell how you calculated or did you use an app? I eat healthy foods in generally but am interested in learning how to do the calculations for the 80/10/10 fruitarian thing.

  • kat

    Hay ther ill try this.. But does smoothies keep a peeson full?

  • kat

    Eating 2000 calories = weight gain for me. Even If IM Not over weight to begin with.

  • zoi

    a fruitarian eats sprouted legumes and sprouted grains or not?

  • Cauliflower and any potatoes, including sweet potatoes, as well as carrots are not fruit. My goal is to eat a fruit-only diet, using the botanical definition of fruit and seeds, or nuts most of which are botanically speaking part of a fruit. Mushrooms, as th fruiting body of a fungus, I also consider a fruit, as is yeast for the same reason. A true fruits-only diet includes grasses like wheat and rice but no tubers or taproots, that is to say potatoes and carrots, because to “harvest” them kills the plant. I am still trying to figure out whether eating an annual plant, like romaine, which is a leaf and not fruit at all, but won’t grow a second year, can be incorporated into this fruits-only diet. I do eat avocados freely, a healthy and necessary-for-fat-and-energy fruit. I also fill up on many nuts and seeds, which nature provides in abundance. All beans including peanuts are legumes and a true fruit. And tacos made from corn meal are also in the fruit category, as are some egg-free breads.

    Just a few thoughts on what a strictly fruitarian diet would or should encompass.

    I wonder whether there is any research data, as opposed to anecdotal “evidence” for an extremely low fat diet of 10%…especially since the brain is largely composed of fat. I am not into rigid ratios in any event, but try to eat all colors in any given meal, and to include something high fat but fruit or fruit-derived as well, like avocado or olive oil (olives are another perfectly healthy high fat fruit). While I also balance beans nuts, and rice or wheat for “protein” I tend to believe that since the body must break down all “complete proteins” as well as most other ingested substances to their constituent building blocks, it is much more important to get all the essential amino acids than to get them combined into a “protein”. I trust the wisdom of the body to reassemble all amino acids into the proteins one needs…

    Would love comments from others trying to eat a fruits-only diet…

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