Lizzo Is Vegan Now & Says "It's Been Pretty Easy." See Her Cooking Secrets!

June 29, 2020

Here’s a truth that doesn’t hurt—singer and flutist Lizzo is now vegan! The “Truth Hurts” songstress is no stranger to plant-based living, however, having been vegetarian for seven years and, at one point, vegan for a year. Since returning to veganism this past April, Lizzo has shared her veganizing hacks with her fans on TikTok, explaining, “So being plant-based and vegan has been pretty easy except for when I’m hungover. I used to crave cheesy eggs.”

Lizzo Is Vegan Now & "It's Been Pretty Easy." See Her Secrets!

Lizzo’s caption: “Bad bitch… eats her rice AND her cabbage.” We love to hear it!

Fortunately, Lizzo has found a creative way around her old cravings. She mixed vegan carne asada (leftovers from her Juneteenth celebration) with JUST Egg, a mung bean-based egg substitute that can make all sorts of egg dishes—including Lizzo’s mouth-watering, hangover-busting scramble! Lizzo added garlic powder, smoked paprika, spinach, and cilantro to her scramble.

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Here’s one version of classic Tofu Scramble—Vegan tofu scramble seasoned with miso and nutritional yeast

Lizzo’s culinary improvisations illustrate that she does indeed know how to make plant-based eating pretty easy. With just one meal, she reveals several secrets to making veganism work for you—whether you’re just transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle or you’ve been doing the mung bean dance for a while (just kidding—that’s not a thing…that I know of).

Let’s break it down!

How Lizzo Makes Veganism a Breeze

It’s okay to use substitutes. While some vegans have strong feelings about avoiding meat and dairy substitutes (such as pre-made vegan jerky or handy egg substitutes) and prefer to make everything from scratch or purchase meals made only with whole foods, relying on convenient vegan substitutes for your old favorite meals is okay! These substitutes are especially useful when you’re transitioning to plant-based living, when you’re just craving a traditionally cheesy/meat-based dish, when you’re traveling, and when you’re introducing meat-eating friends to vegan eating. Grilled veggie burgers, anyone?

Real talk—sometimes, finding out there’s a substitute to your favorite meal or treat can be enough to make you feel like veganism is more possible for you. I will never forget the day I discovered vegan coffee creamer and realized that my favorite morning ritual didn’t have to change much after all!

Get creative with leftovers. Turn leftovers into an entirely new dish with a little creative thinking. If you don’t have enough leftovers for a full meal, consider ways to round things out. Leftover grilled veggies? Cook some rice and mix them together. Add some canned beans for extra protein. Leftover pasta? Quickly sauté some greens to add color and nutrients to your meal. And while you’re at it…

Be spicy! Some of the best advice about cooking vegan food is to “cook dirty!” In other words, get comfortable with your spice cabinet and explore interesting flavor combinations. Don’t be afraid sprinkle with a heavy-hand—plant-based foods, especially plain veggies, grains, and tofu, can handle it. See our tips on superfood spices.

Pro tip: Missing the smoky flavor of some traditional dishes? Make sure you have some smoked paprika on hand (à la Lizzo!) and/or chipotle chili powder. Smoky spices change everything.

Sneak in your greens. Like Lizzo demonstrates, it’s really easy to fold in some greens when you’re almost finished cooking your meal. Spinach, collard, bok choy, and kale are great options for this–they retain their vibrant color and taste while becoming softer and easier to chew with just a few minutes of heat. Plus, they quickly take on the flavors of the rest of the foods in the pan. Cooking greens is a great way to sneak in veggies if salad isn’t exactly your favorite side.


Follow these tips from Lizzo to make vegan eating easier and more delicious–and you’ll be feeling good as hell with every bite!

Lizzo Is Vegan Now & "It's Been Pretty Easy." See Her Secrets!

What are your favorite ways to enjoy plant-based eating?

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Photo: Lizzo via Instagram, Maddy Strassler

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