The Life-Changing Magic Of Being Uncomfortable

July 18, 2016

How Being Uncomfortable Changed My Life...3 Times

Uncomfortable. The word itself sounds bad, not to mention actually being uncomfortable. Yeah, I don’t know anyone who would say they like that.

When I talk about my life, people are always amazed at how I reversed metabolic syndrome, hormonal imbalances, and more, by changing what I put in my body. What they ask me more times than not is what I would recommend they do. I always say: “Get Uncomfortable.”

I changed my life through a series of uncomfortable situations, and believe that you can change yours by using the uncomfortable to propel you to the next step.

When you put yourself in an uncomfortable position you are actually stretching yourself and preparing yourself to become better. Case in point: when I tried Bikram yoga for the first time. I was literally stretching myself *and* my own boundaries. Over time it gets easier, but at first, it was really not fun.

The first time I really became aware of this was about 8 years ago when I signed on with an entertainment agency to host a karaoke in Atlanta, GA. Had I ever done anything like that before? Nope. I thought how hard can it be? Well, after setting up my equipment and meeting the manager at the bar, it was time to start.

I froze. Oh my gaawwwwddddd did I freeze. The second I put that microphone in my hand I just couldn’t speak. My hands got sweaty and trembled and had I been able to speak, my voice would have been shaky. I would have rather just stood there and played music all night or better yet, just pack up my stuff and leave. Who needs an extra $100 anyway?

Well, I pressed through that and opened my mouth. I don’t really remember what I said but I said something to encourage people to come try Karaoke. It wasn’t great. I am sure people clearly knew I was nervous, but what they didn’t see was the little seed inside of me start to grow. I became stronger that day.

The next week I went back and my voice shook a little less and I had a little more fun. After a few more weeks I was getting better and better.

That humble beginning was how I got the courage to start my own entertainment company. After a while, I started wondering why the guy I worked for getting paid more for the job when I was the person hosting and doing the work. Nope. I was going to do it myself.

Because I pushed myself past those moments of sheer panic and self-doubt, I was able to move to the next step in my journey and lose my fear of public speaking and speaking on a microphone. I had no idea how beneficial this was for me back then.

My entertainment business became a great success. I ended up hosting gameshows and trivia all around Atlanta. At one point I was booked almost every night of the week. I was also booked for private parties and proms! Through pushing myself, I opened another side to my personality and identity: someone who can freely speak to people without inhibition.


As I learned that being uncomfortable equaled growth, I began to view things that make me nervous and out of my comfort zone as ways to improve.

In late 2009 I bought a camera in order to learn to shoot better photos of my kids. It just so happened that I had just met a friend of a friend who was a professional photographer. I asked her to show me what to do. We went out several times and I got loads of practice. It turned out I was quite good at it.

One night she asked me to come with her to a concert. I really didn’t want to go, but again, get out of your comfort zone and see what happens right? So, I went. At the show there was a lady who was going to be writing about a well-known upcoming concert in Atlanta and she asked me to take photos of that night. What? Me? Well, Ok.

I went and photographed the band and had a magical time. Five months later I launched an online magazine that showcased the best of the arts in Atlanta. It grew to become a monthly print magazine, eventually launching in several other cities as well.


Take a chance! Get uncomfortable and know this, you will grow!


My final example to you of this is July 2015. I had submitted my info to a company that works on environmental emergencies and I went through the necessary training to be on a call list as a rapid responder.

For the last four years leading up to this I had suffered from numerous physical ailments and weight gain. I had suffered two miscarriages, was diagnosed with benign fibrocystic breast disease, and was pre-diabetic.

I was hoping they would call me to go to California but instead they called and asked if I would go to Iowa. You have got to be kidding me. Iowa? Then I remembered that in order to grow I must get out of my comfort zone and how much further could I get than a cornfield in Iowa.

The next thing I knew I was on a plane headed for Sioux City Iowa.

Over the next 27 days I stood on numerous farms that all suffered from the devastating bird flu epidemic, talked to countless USDA agents and saw first hand how GMO’s were grown and sprayed excessively. It all became clear to me that the health issues I was suffering were all directly related to what I was putting in my body. Most of this were things I was putting in unintentionally, like GMO’s, pesticides, herbicides, etc.


That was it. I was done. I had seen the light and I was never going to allow myself to be poisoned anymore.

By getting out of my comfort zone and traveling 1000 miles to a cornfield I found ultimate freedom, healing myself from numerous chronic issues and losing 80 pounds in a year.


So, what are you waiting for?  Grab that microphone or camera! Go to a cornfield…. whatever your uncomfortable is, do it. Face it. Get uncomfortable and change your life!

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