Feeling Serious Hot Weather Burnout? Here’s How To Hygge In The Summer

August 1, 2018

Hygge has been all the craze these past few winters. As a little reminder, it’s Danish for “coziness and comfort.” Remember the countless posts you read about lighting candles at home, snuggling up in an oversized sweater and making hot chocolate for yourself to inspire a sense of coziness and deep relaxation in your home? Yep, that was Hygge.

But what happens to Hygge in summer, you might ask? Especially in 100-degree NYC summers where the thought of hot chocolate will instantly lead to internal melting and where sweating constantly becomes totally culturally accepted? Well, it doesn’t mean we don’t have the need to relax or feel cozy, right? So how do we create comfort when it’s hot and humid out? Here’s a quick guide!

How To Find Hygge In Summer

How to Find Hygge in Summer

1. Take advantage of summer rain.

One way for me to get a break and relax from the oppressive heat and summer travel stress is to be at home when there is a summer rainstorm outside and to open up my balcony windows. I love how it cools off my apartment and how the rain calms me down. It’s a good moment to just sit on the couch and let it all happen or to bake a batch of vegan cookies.

Four Ingredient Peanut Butter "Kiss" Cookies

4-Ingredient Peanut Butter “Kiss” Cookies

2. Get a leg and foot massage.

When it’s so hot out, our circulation often experiences a ton of pressure and legs and feet can feel tired and swollen. Get a little Hygge break by going to your favorite nail salon (I absolutely love sundays in NYC!) and asking for a leg and foot massage to give your muscles and blood vessels a break. Rather stay at home? Plan a foot massage “date” with your S.O. or invite your friend over for DIY pedis and concoct a luxurious massage oil together.

This Natural Pedicure Is *Exactly* What Your Feet (And Soul) Deserve

3. Take a restorative yoga class.

A great way to cool down and chill out is to go for a restorative class instead of your usual hot yoga or fast-paced vinyasa class. It calms down your nervous system and gives your mind a break as well. Don’t worry if you fall asleep, you’ll still get the benefits of ultimate relaxation.

Also, try this restorative cooling summer yoga sequence.

4. Make yourself a bowl of oatmeal.

I find that there is nothing more nourishing and relaxing than eating healthy comfort food. Oatmeal is my happy place because it’s incredibly delicious and nutritious at the same time. In summer, I love to top it with fresh figs, roasted hazelnuts, date sugar and some tahini. Serve it in your favorite bowl, turn off your phone and all other technology and really focus on eating it with care. You will instantly feel the Hygge.

Slow Cooker Vegan Vanilla Oatmeal

Slow Cooker Vegan Vanilla Oatmeal 

Feeling Serious Hot Weather Burnout? Here’s How To Hygge In The Summer

Have you tried finding Hygge in the summer?

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