We Feel More Relaxed Just Thinking About Bella Hadid's Dreamy Sleep Tips

April 25, 2017

If it’s true that “sleep is the new status symbol” as a New York Times article puts it, we better start prioritizing our Z’s (as if improved immunity and brain function weren’t good enough reasons to spend more time between the sheets!). Fortunately, healthy sleep habits are quite accessible for most of us—no trendy (or expensive) sleep gear required.

If you’re prone to hectic days that keep your mind reeling well past your curfew, you may find model Bella Hadid’s simple get-to-sleep tips rather helpful.

Gather a playlist of relaxing music. “I recently started listening to meditation music, which makes me have a deeper sleep, even if I just have four hours,” Hadid told Teen Vogue. “I’m usually out by the fourth song.” Her current favorite is iTunes’ 50 Best Meditation Songs Collection. You may also want to check out playlists of binaural beats or binaural sleep music, which is designed to slow your brain waves and help you reach a relaxed state conducive to falling asleep. While there is some debate about how effective these beats are at helping you sleep, many listeners find them meditative regardless of what’s going on with the ol’ brainwaves.

Pamper yourself with an evening mask. To help herself wake up with a stunning complexion, Bella Hadid turns to night recovery masks designed to be slept in (okay, it also doesn’t hurt that she’s only just 20!). “When I wake up, my face is so refreshed and energized,” she says.  Try Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery Hydrating Treatment Mask, which is formulated to soften and soothe normal to dry skin.

We Feel More Relaxed Just Thinking About Bella Hadid's Dreamy Sleep Tips

Hadid doesn’t reserve restorative masks for the evening alone, however. She also relies on them to treat her complexion upon waking: “In the morning, I always like to do a sheet mask because it revives me to have something cool on my skin,” she said. With such a strong mask game, it’s no wonder the model is always aglow. Try 100% Pure Green Tea Water Bomb Mask, which is pumped up with hyaluronic acid and anti-inflammatory green tea concentrate.

We Feel More Relaxed Just Thinking About Bella Hadid's Dreamy Sleep Tips

In addition to treating your ears and your complexion, you can also aid your sleep with these calming stretches for a good night’s sleep.

We Feel More Relaxed Just Thinking About Bella Hadid's Dreamy Sleep Tips

What are your favorite ways to get yourself ready for bed?

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Photo: Bella Hadid via Instagram, Paula’s Choice, 100% Pure, Crystal Chin

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