Healthy Drinks: Raw Maca Cacao Hot Cocoa

September 30, 2014
Get Nutritional Benefits of Raw Cacao Powder With This Maca Cacao Hot Cocoa

Raw Maca Cacao Hot Cocoa using raw cacao powder

After I get home from a long day of teaching and tutoring, I usually have a few hours to wrap up the last of the days work then take a short breather before my fiancé comes home and we start dinner. This window of Me Time is sacred and often honored with an equally sacred food, chocolate—usually in the form of raw cacao powder, the health benefits of which are widely known and celebrated. Unlike cocoa, which is processed, raw cacao powder retains the nutritional benefits of the cacao bean. Regularly adding raw cacao powder to your diet can protect nerve cells, cardiovascular health, and even fight insulin resistance.

This week, I’ve been adding raw maca powder to my hot chocolate—another superfood wonder. They always say not to drink your calories, but there’s nothing wrong with drinking your antioxidants (green smoothie or detox tea, anyone?).

This Raw Maca Cacao Hot Chocolate is rich without being too sweet (or processed) and may just be the manifestation of every vegan’s chocolicious fantasies. Well, maybe that’s taking it a little far, but if one can’t embellish one’s description of chocolate, what is the English language good for?

But enough yammering. Go get yourself some raw cacao powder, and make this for yourself as soon as you have (or don’t have) a chocolate emergency!

Raw Maca Cacao Hot Cocoa

Some days simply require chocolate, no?

Raw Maca Cacao Hot Cocoa


(Serves 1)

1 mug (12 oz.) almond milk (or other non-diary substitute like soy, coconut, or hemp milk)

1 heaping tsp. maca powder

1 heaping tsp. raw cacao powder

¼ tsp. pure vanilla extract

Stevia or agave nectar to taste

1 pinch cinnamon (for garnish)

Cacao nibs or shredded chocolate chips (for topping)


Add dry ingredients (maca powder and cacao powder) to a mug.

In a small saucer, warm almond milk at medium heat. Watch the milk closely to make sure it doesn’t boil (this can make almond milk taste kind of burnt). Stir in liquid ingredients (vanilla extract and stevia/agave). When the milk is steaming, remove from heat and pour over dry ingredients in a mug. Stir well and enjoy!

Raw Maca Cacao Hot Cocoa using raw cacao powder


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Photos: Mary Hood

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