5 Best Caffeine-Free Beauty Teas

March 21, 2014

Enjoy your beauty tea alone or with a pal.

We hear a lot about beauty foods and beauty juices, but what about good, old-fashioned tea? So simple and easy to prepare, naturally caffeine-free tea (or teasans, if we’re being technical) are great tools for beautifying from the inside out. I personally love a good cup of tea before bed—it leaves me feeling hydrated and calm and provides sweet closure to the day. I love alternating between the following caffeine-free beauty teas.

1. Peppermint tea is a lovely digestion aid that helps the body process food more quickly (resulting in less indigestion and bloating—not so pretty!) Here’s how: it relaxes the stomach muscles, which improves the flow of bile. Bile is critical in digesting fats—one of the harder macronutrients to break down. If you’ve ever paid close attention to your digestion over an extended period of time, you’ve probably noticed that when your digestion is rockin’, your skin glows and you experience more energy—always a beautiful thing. (Bonus: peppermint tea also freshens breath!)

2. Lesser-known Moringa tea is quite unique—unlike some leaves prepared for teasans, moringa leaves are either freeze-dried or dried at low temperatures so their abundant polyphenols don’t fully oxidize, ensuring more antioxidant bang for you buck (read: anti-aging). Moringa tea is a great substitute for green tea if you’re trying to avoid caffeine naturally.

Detox_Tea, Beauty_tea-caffeine_free-vegan

My favorite homemade, vegan detox tea–energizing and cleansing.

3. Detox tea—there are several commercial varieties of detox blends, many of which I enjoy, but nothing beats making it from scratch yourself.  Here’s my favorite DIY detox tea: pour almost-boiling water over peeled, grated ginger root (about 1 tsp. ginger) in a mug. Add a pinch of cayenne pepper and cinnamon. After letting the tea cool for a bout 2 minutes, add 1 tbsp. freshly squeezed lemon juice. Optional: stir in stevia or sweetener of choice.

Ginger is naturally warming and, with the help of cayenne, stimulates circulation (great for immunity and fending of cellulite). Cinnamon acts like insulin in the body, helping balance blood sugar levels. Stable blood sugar is a must for blemish-free skin. Finally, lemon juice is full of vitamin C and enzymes ready to boost your immunity, digestion, and overall glow!


I love drinking rooibos in the morning on my way to work.

4. Red and earthy, with a hint of vanilla, healing Rooibos is a splendid comfort drink. Aside from being a great antioxidant booster, Rooibos tea contains zinc—an essential nutrient for clear skin and strong hair and nails. Although I usually drink my Rooibos tea, those plagued by acne may try applying it topically to affected areas. It’s alpha hydroxyl acid content may be effective in fighting acne and wrinkles—how’s that for a two-for-one?

5. Much beloved for it’s relaxing charm, Chamomile is the perfect bedtime tea.  It’s often recommended for those feeling anxious or suffering from insomnia—given it’s sedative qualities, that no surprise. I love a cup of chamomile after a long day when my body feels tired but my mind is still churning. We all know that a good night’s sleep leaves us feeling and looking our best—so grab your cuppa chamoile and drink (sip?) to beauty sleep!

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Photos: Juhea Kim, Mary Hood


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