From Eco-Keto To Bowl Mania, These Top 5 Health Food Trends Will Take Over 2019

November 14, 2018

Top Health Food Trends Of 2019

Trend #5.

I’m all about tracking food and wellness trends, even if I don’t always follow them. But if my predictions for next year are true, I may actually want to jump on board the health fad bandwagons that are coming down the track in 2019.

The main reason for my positivity is because health food fads are becoming much less faddy and more holistic, easy-to-integrate and, well, healthy. Not pseudo-healthy “I’m going to only eat hand-picked fruit between 2 to 4 am every day and only drink green tablets mixed into water I sourced from my local spring,” but actually balanced and sustainable and less likely to send me back down a spiral of disordered eating.

When integrated appropriately, that is. There’s still a chance for these top nutrition trends to get pretty wacky, but let’s hope we can avoid finally avoid that fate as we move into the new year.

  • Eco-Keto – Keto is all the rage right now and will continue to trend in 2019. Upon first glance, this fad diet looks to be a glorified Atkins that encourages carb-cutting and high fat/protein consumption… So probably not for our reader base. But what might be of interest is a plant-based approach to keto that’s also been taking off recently. I’ve written before about veganised paleo, and this is similar. But while paleo focuses on the foods you should and should not eat, keto recommends that followers control macronutrient intake instead, and they allow for soy which makes it easier to fulfill your protein needs.
  • Waste-free eating – This is not necessarily a health trend per se as much as an overall environmental initiative, but a healthy earth means a healthy us, right? As a big advocate against food waste, I’m delighted to see that this concept is breaking into the mainstream. In Australia, there are now several apps that allow you to purchase discounted food from restaurants and shops that would have to toss it. There are also a few similar programs in the US, as well as food waste- sourced community dinners popping up around the country and even a “zero-waste cookbook” that teaches you to cook with leftovers and veggie scraps.
  • Alcohol-free drinking – Statistics show that young adults are drinking less alcohol than ever. We may be taking more drugs, but that’s beside the point. Now, to meet consumer demand (or lack thereof), several alcohol-free liquor and cocktail companies have entered the market, as well as a few booze-free bars. While I’m no doubt a proponent of alcohol in moderation, I do think this is one trend that I hope sticks around. If my nights out can involve more kombucha cocktails and fewer regrettable actions that plague my mind for days after, I’m all about it.
  • Nootropics and Adaptogens – Adaptogens are non-toxic plants (mostly herbs, fungi and roots) that may help boost cognition, decrease stress, balance hormones and more. Nootropics include adaptogens, as well as any other supplements (like MCT oil). While they have both been utilized for ages, they’ve only just begun to gain traction in the “mainstream” wellness scene. One of the most common ways to consume them at the moment is by way of superfood elixirs such as reishi lattes, ginseng tonics, maca milkshakes and tulsi teas. Look out for any of the above on the menu at your local, trendy cafe in 2019.
  • Bowls in all forms – Bowls have been popular for a while now, and they’re not going anywhere in the year to come. Recently, I’ve noticed a shift in how we approach nutrition. Rather than trying to limit whole products/food groups or transform junk food into health food, we are embracing naturally healthy dishes and cuisines that incorporate more nourishing components as opposed to less. This is why bowls are great – As we’ve seen with the “Buddha Bowls” and “Macro Bowls” of years past, meals composed in this way allow us to get all we need (carbs, fats, proteins, veg, fun toppings) in one dish, AND they give me an excuse to mix up all of my food into one ugly-looking but very delicious mess.

Do you have any top trends to add to the list? Which one are you most excited to try out in 2019?

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