Always Tired, I Took A Hair Analysis Test To Learn Why—The Results Were Shocking

December 14, 2017

Why I Decided to Take a Hair Analysis Test

Beginning in my early twenties, I started to feel increasingly more fatigued and foggy headed, and I was consistently faced with insomnia each night. I felt that no matter what I did, I was completely depleted of energy. As I was in the midst of completing my bachelor’s degree, my health was beginning to take a toll on my daily life.

I circulated through a variety of approaches, each one left me feeling defeated and hopeless. After visiting a mainstream health care provider, I left being advised to get better sleep and that medication was the most efficient route. I walked out of their office feeling confused and back to square one. As I was desperate to find a solution as to why I felt the way I did, a part of me was beginning to accept the way I felt as normal.

I began to spend a great deal of time researching my symptoms, and I experimented with a variety of holistic approaches. It wasn’t until this past year that I was encouraged by a family member to consider taking a hair analysis test since they had heard of only positive results. Once I began to look into hair analysis, I was immediately intrigued, and I knew that it was the best course of action for my health.

Hair Analysis Test

What Is A Hair Analysis Test?

A hair analysis is a way of revealing your body’s heavy metal toxicity and mineral deficiencies. It provides a roadmap to the root cause of many health symptoms and helps your nutritionist best direct you towards optimal health.

The hair is one of the many places where your body eliminates minerals and heavy metals. The level of minerals in your hair reveal your body’s chemistry and overall condition.

Minerals are essential for the proper functioning of the organs and tissue in the body and are a part of almost every enzyme reaction in the body. Therefore, it is important that the minerals in your body are balanced, replenished, and if your body cannot utilize them, detoxified.

Hair analysis is a way of understanding your body and its needs and embarking on a wellness journey that is uniquely personal.

What Does the Procedure Look Like?

The hair analysis test is a simple process that begins at home. I purchased my kit from Dr. Dani Segal from Healthy Thymes in Vernon, NY, which included a small scale, a bag to place my hair sample in, and an envelope so that it could be mailed to the lab.

Using the hair closest to my head, I snipped the recommended portion. As I experiment frequently with my hair color, I tried to avoid any pieces that had been processed with hair dye. Not only could this affect the results, but I also found out after my consultation that the metals found in hair dye were responsible for much of the heavy metal toxicity in my body.

What Was Included in My Consultation?

Once Dr. Dani received my results from the lab, she was able to compile the information so as to create a health plan customized for my health needs.

My consultation took place in her office where I was provided with my test results, a detailed packet that provided more in-depth information to be used at home, and a customized health plan.

Dr. Dani took her time going over my chart, answering questions and helping me to understand the results. It allowed me to have a visual as to what was going on in my body and learn about my health conditions in a way that was personal and hands-on. I felt deeply connected to my wellness journey in a way I never had been before. During this process, she asked me questions about my current health, my diet, and my past in regards to wellness. This allowed her to better support me, and direct in my next course of action.

The consultation lasted two hours and included Dr. Dani assisting me in filling my cart with the necessary foods and supplements needed. I was also given a list of foods to avoid, instructions on how to take the supplements suggested, and a diet plan that would aid in rebalancing my body.

Even after my consultation, Dr. Dani offers her clients extended support in the form of emails and phone calls. This has helped me to feel more motivated and supported, resulting in more consistency on my end.

My Overall Results

When I received my results, I was shocked.

Heavy metal toxicity, zinc depletion, and so many signs that were pointing to adrenal fatigue.

The hair analysis was able to identify imbalances that are often not recognized or tested during a standard blood test. My results provided a blueprint to all of my health concerns. I was also able to identify the aspects of my daily life that I innocently indulged in that were harming my body rather than helping.

My experience allowed me to approach my health in way that was personal, and I was educated in a way that prevented me from moving towards my recovery blindly.

Have you ever had a hair analysis test? If so, what was your experience? 

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