Fall Into A Deep & Dreamy Sleep With These Podcasts To Ease Your Insomnia

November 21, 2017

4 podcasts for sleep

With busy careers, family obligations, and an overabundance of technology and online media, there are a multitude of stresses we encounter throughout the day that can follow us to bed. If you are anything like me, you might be left with a mind cluttered with thoughts bouncing around from earlier in the day and racing with the next day’s to-dos. All of this can bring about insomnia that no amount of counting sheep can cure.

I have recently discovered several podcasts, dedicated to helping you focus so that your brain can power down. Each podcast, although holding the same mission, possesses a different approach to helping you ease your mind and drift away. From bedtime stories to sleepy beats, they all push you to forget your worries and unwind. You will wake up refreshed, well rested and ready to jump into the day.

Meditation Oasis

Providing a plethora of episodes to choose from, Meditation Oasis has guided meditations that allow you to relax more deeply and ease into a restful sleep. There are a variety of sleep meditations, with and without music, depending on your preference. “Deep Rest Guided Meditation” and “Relax into Sleep Guided Meditation” are the two episodes that I use most frequently.

Deep Energy 2.0-Music for Sleep, Meditation, Relaxation, Massage, and Yoga

If guided meditation and voices before bed aren’t your thing, then music-based podcast Deep Energy 2.0 is the one for you. Each episode provides nearly an hour of peaceful sounds for meditation, relaxation, and sleep. They are soothing and have tucked me into bed during even the most restless of nights. “Deep Energy 56” and “Deep Energy 79” are two of my favorite episodes, as they are a calming and unique collection.

Can't Sleep? Head to These Podcasts To Ease Your Insomnia

Tracks to Relax

One of my favorite podcasts to fall to sleep to is Tracks to Relaxtheir goal is to send you to sleep happy, positive, and empowered. Each episode channels the stress we encounter during the day into something positive by relaxing your mind and bringing peace to your well-being.Their episodes are motivating, and even the ones not related to sleep help relax my nerves after an especially hard day.

Sleep With Me

You are never too old to fall asleep to a bedtime story. As a lifelong reader, I find that bedtime stories bring me back to my childhood. Sending me into a nostalgic slumber, Sleep With Me provides a wide array of stories to choose from. Each one possesses a unique title and storyline, such as “Sleep With Star Trek The Next Generation” and “Game of Thrones Drones.”

Do you have a podcast that helps you sleep? 

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