Reveal Your Dream Bod & Get Out Of A Rut With These Of-The-Moment Workouts

March 7, 2018

If you’re stuck in a fitness rut and in search of some new fads to get pumped about, you have lots of options. So grab a few friends, try out some of the trendiest fitness fads you can find, tighten and tone, and help prevent burnout and boredom. Your body and mind will thank you.

Fitness Fads to Get Pumped About

Fitness Fads to Get Pumped About

Orangetheory Fitness

Looking for a new way to burn extra calories and shed some body fat in a structured setting? Orangetheory fitness may be just what you need to become a fitness enthusiast. During this type of workout that’s backed by science, you’ll monitor your heart rate to stay in the target zone believed to boost metabolism as well as energy levels. Proponents of Orangetheory say you’ll burn 500 to 1,000 calories in just 60 minutes of completing the workout, and should continue to burn extra calories up to 36 hours post-exercise.

When joining an Orangetheory facility, you’ll receive personalized training in a group workout setting. This new fitness company claims you can lose 3 to 5 pounds weekly, if weight loss is your goal, by attending three to five classes per week combined with proper nutrition. Try using a waist trimmer to stabilize your core and enhance weight loss and fat burning, especially around your midsection. Expect a boost in speed, strength, and power in just two weeks of training. You’ll have access to upbeat music, motivational trainers, and top-of-the-line equipment. If group classes are what make you tick and stay motivated, it’s worth finding an Orangetheory Fitness location in your area.


You’ve probably seen or heard about CrossFit, and realize that many crossfitters are in phenomenal shape. Similar to Orangetheory Fitness, CrossFit Studios offer group fitness workouts designed to strengthen, tighten, and tone. The program focuses on functional fitness workouts performed at high intensities to maximize fat-burning results. There’s no doubt you’ll be dripping in sweat at the end of each workout, but the results you’ll experience will be priceless.

You can even use CrossFit workouts to train for CrossFit Games, where you’ll compete with other elite athletes in individual or team challenges to win competitions in front of live audiences. If you’re prone to knee pain due to repetitive movements during workouts, consider a patella band to help reduce the risk of symptoms related to patellar tendonitis and other patella tendon health problems. Or, simply choose a knee brace for better support during high-intensity CrossFit workouts.

Hot Yoga, Aerial Yoga, and Rope Wall Yoga

Regular yoga might be a thing of the past as hot yoga, aerial yoga, and rope wall yoga are new fitness trends you’ll have to experience and see for yourself. When participating in hot yoga you’ll sweat like no other, exercising in temperatures sometimes hotter than 100 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll burn calories, sweat, and detoxify all at the same time.

Aerial yoga is a fun new type of workout where you’ll do yoga while suspended in the air! A silk fabric hammock supports your body, allowing for a deeper stretch. When doing this type of unique workout, you’ll develop upper body strength, improve stability and balance, make your core stronger, relieve stress, and have fun all at the same time!

To change things up a bit, consider rope wall yoga, which is similar to aerial yoga but instead of being suspended in the air, you’ll use a rope that hangs down and is attached to the wall. You’ll complete a variety of different stretches and yoga positions. This type or any type of yoga workout is an excellent way to de-stress and improve flexibility.

Obstacle Course Races

Want to try something unique that will push your body to its max? Try training for an obstacle course race for your next workout or competition. Obstacle racing happens when you’re forced to run through and overcome unique obstacles such as carry heavy objects, cross bodies of water, climb over walls, crawl under low objects, and even jump through mud or fire at different times during the race.

An example of obstacle course races that have gained in popularity and are sweeping the nation include the Warrior Dash, Tough Mudder, and Spartan Race. Recruit some friends, get training, and enjoy competing in these fun obstacle course races to make memories. Compression shorts may come in handy to boost performance and to protect you from injury when out on a tough course.

Pure Barre

If Pilates is more your style, look no further than Pure Barre, a Pilates studio that offers regular classes that get you real results. When you attend 55-minute Pilates classes, you’ll get to warm up, work your arm muscles using light weights, complete barre work to tighten and tone your legs and butt, complete ab-strengthening exercises, and cool down.

Pure Barre exercise classes offer lower-impact workouts that help protect your joints. Many women and men experience a boost in strength and longer, leaner muscles without looking bulky. During each class, you’ll get to concentrate on your body, relax, de-stress, and clear your head, thus, Pure Barre offers benefits for body, mind, and soul.


Cycling classes can be one of the best cardiovascular workouts you’ll find, and SoulCycle is no exception. The class is 45 to 60 minutes of fat-burning cardio on a bike! You’ll get in a full-body workout like no other, really work your core, and even get to use hand weights. If you’re up for an extra challenge, try the 90-minute SoulChallenge class to really get your blood pumping.


Cross training helps your body achieve the best aesthetic results, so it can be difficult to choose just one studio to spend your money on. Fortunately, ClassPass allows you to pay for one membership, and reap the benefits of accessing thousands of classes at gyms and studios locally and around the world. You’ll even have access to more than 100 workout videos! Your membership price will vary based on how many classes you choose to participate in each month.

Reveal Your Dream Bod & Get Out Of A Rut With These Of-The-Moment Workouts

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