Editor's Picks: Best Vegan Coats for Fall 2015

October 28, 2015

Are you guys having a great fall so far?! Based on an unscientific survey, Peaceful Dumplings’ favorite season is fall. 😀 And while we love everything pumpkin and spiced, and roasting *every* veggie for dinner, another unsurpassed joy of fall season is wrapping yourself in a coat. It’s just so cozy and comforting, like you can take your blanket around you wherever you go. Well, sort of.

Also, getting to pick your topper for the season is a happy shopping mission every year. But before you decide, make sure you know the difference between typical wool coats and non-wool, vegan coats. While wool, unlike meat, doesn’t directly cause the animal to die, wool industry nowadays is hardly the pastoral image we might have of a farmer tending his flock and giving his sheep a nice, refreshing shave. Just like everything else, wool industry has become like factory farming in order to meet demand, resulting in unhealthy, often mutilated animals, that are ultimately sent to slaughter whenever they no longer produce wool to capacity.

The great news is that there are more non-wool options than before as people are becoming more aware of these issues underlying our commodities system. Take a look at these stylish vegan coats and let your fall coat shopping begin!

Editor's Picks: Best Vegan Coats for Fall 2015

Owl vegan parka by Titika with faux leather sleaves, faux fur and synthetic filling. CAD$ 268

This Canadian brand is a must check-out! First, it gets cold up north so they know their coats–but besides this cute, all vegan number with edgy faux leather sleeves, they also have some of the cutest leggings and workout tops I’ve seen in a while.

Editor's Picks: Best Vegan Coats for Fall 2015

ASOS 60s Duster Coat, $116.45

Yes, ASOS is a mass retailer, but I do like it for non-wool coat options and have a warm, fully lined parka (poly filling), so quality approved! This long corduroy coat is retrotastic and so Nouvelle Vague, non? The length is elongating as well as warming.

Editor's Picks: Best Vegan Coats for Fall 2015

ASOS cape (synthetic blend), $134.36

I really think capes are coming back for 2015–not just boho numbers, but refined, almost English-seeming looks like this one. (UK dumplings, please feel free to contradict. I actually don’t know what you guys wear. 🙂 ) Keep it modern by pairing with skinniest bottoms you have.

Editor's Picks: Best Vegan Coats for Fall 2015

Free People Vegan Teddy Coat, $298

As I mentioned, your fall coat can be your blanket metaphorically–or almost literally, as in this teddy bear coat. If you have a boho romantic vibe, this really works–just make sure you put on make up and do your nails so you look intentional.

Editor's Picks: Best Vegan Coats for Fall 2015

Vaute Couture Belden Coat, $315

Mmm peacoats…a coat after my own heart! This is actually like an elongated peacoat. Double breasted means a little added warmth in the front, too! Just make sure you pick the size that fits really well, since double buttons can widen your torso.

Editor's Picks: Best Vegan Coats for Fall 2015

Jill Milan vegan moto jacket, $500

Made from eco-friendly vegan leather, this sophisticated moto jacket is edgy without all the hardware (extra zippers, pointless buttons, and epaulets) that make many motos look a little too flashy. I would wear this with skinny jeans, knee high riding boots, chunky knit scarf–classic elegance.

Which one of these would you wear? 

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