I Tried It: Eating Clay for Health and Beauty

July 2, 2014
Would You Eat Clay? - Aztec Secret

I use this stuff. Bonus- it is raw!

If there’s a crunchy beauty method out there, I’ve likely tried it. No-poo? No problem. Oil pulling? Of course. And don’t even get me started on skin care. I’ve made face masks with everything from pumpkin to avocado to banana peels. My general rule of thumb is not to put anything on my body that I wouldn’t ingest. Our skin is our largest organ, after all, and absorbs much of what we put on it.

For a while, my one exception to this rule was my tried and true calcium bentonite clay. That is, until I found out it is not an exception at all. It turns out this type of clay can and should be consumed! What was once reserved for facials and spot treatment is now being mixed into my morning water. Don’t call me crazy just yet… this ancient practice is not as bad as it sounds. In fact, it actually tastes pretty good too! Kind of like milk (hence the calcium).

It all started a few weeks ago when I had an upset stomach from eating a particularly heavy meal. Fried foods and oil-heavy sauces do not bid me well. I was doing some research on how to ease my symptoms and came across internal clay healing. I’m always game for an experiment, so I jumped right in- and boy am I glad I did. I feel great!

All you have to do is mix 1-2 tsp. of clay into about 2 cups of (preferably filtered) water. Shake to mix or stir well with a plastic or wooden utensil. *Metal can deactivate some of the clay’s healing properties.* Drink up! 

Would You Eat Clay? - Peaceful Dumpling

Here are some of the reasons why one might choose to consume this powerful stuff:

-Clay is a natural source of minerals, and one of the most direct ways to get them. Think about it- you are receiving these nutrients straight from the earth rather than from a pill or a supplement. Eating mineral-rich plants is great too. Highly recommended, in fact. But don’t forget that the plants you eat get their mineral content from the soil (and clay) in which they grow.

-Eating or drinking clay is a quick remedy for an upset stomach. It is very basic so it can help to neutralize stomach acids, therefore easing discomfort. You can say goodbye to Tums and Pepto Bismol forever!

-On a related note, clay is a great aid in healthy digestion. It has been found to be kill harmful bacteria while leaving healthy gut bacteria in tact. It also stimulates the intestines, allowing food to pass through easily. I will note that some report constipation from consuming clay, but this can be avoided as long as you are drinking adequate amounts of water along with it.

-Ingesting moderate amounts of clay can detoxify the body and eliminate heavy metals. This works because the clay is passed through the body and not absorbed like the minerals it contains. As it is passed, it expands to absorb toxins that leave along with it. Clay is negatively charged, which can neutralize and eliminate free radicals within the body as well.

I have only been drinking clay water for a short amount of time- for most detox programs it is suggested to take the mixture daily for 4-6 weeks. So naturally, drastic results will not have presented themselves yet. However, I have noticed some changes. For one, the clay did definitely ease my upset stomach. I have also felt more energetic since taking up this habit, and my skin appears to be clearer. If it can work on the outside it might have the same effects on the inside… right?

Would You Eat Clay? Here's Why You Should!

Perhaps it is coincidence, but I like to think the clay helped my skin.

But enough about me- let’s hear from you! Would you eat clay? Have you already? What are your thoughts?


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