I Tried Going One Week Without Shampooing--And It's Become A Forever Change

September 27, 2013

Like every little girl, I dreamed of long Rapunzel-like hair…and that dream stuck as I became an adult. Unfortunately I was born with fine, thin, limp hair, nothing like Rapunzel. The kind that grows at snail speed. I wasn’t going to give up though! I was sure, out of all the shampoos out there that promise longer-thicker hair, one of them would work for me! I washed, and washed, and washed my hair. Conditioned and treated with hot oil. Nothing was working. It was actually doing nothing at all. I wasn’t ready to give up.

Up until my 30’s I was convinced I could change my mane, as the shampoo commercials promised. So I bought all kinds, and washed my hair! Being a Fitness Instructor, some days I washed my hair twice…before and after class! Never did I think I was possibly doing more harm than good, until I began to explore the Raw Food world. Many of these gorgeous women don’t use shampoo, they were ‘poo-free’. WHAT??? How could that be? So I researched!

The entire idea of giving up shampoo and conditioner scared me. Like most women, I enjoy styling my hair, and knowing I can go from up & sporty, to down & sassy was important to me. Could I still have stylish hair, like these Raw Food ladies, without shampoo? So I decided to try it! Here goes nothing: Day 1, no washing, just rinse with warm water! Check. Day 2… I shampooed my hair! I just couldn’t go through with it. I was disappointed with myself, but I wasn’t ready!

Months went by, and I decided to try again! With some further research, I felt a little more comfortable.

Day 1, No washing. Rinse with warm water massaging the scalp lightly. In the evening adding a little Organic Coconut Oil as a conditioning treatment. Leave on overnight.

Day 2, No washing. Rinse with warm water. Gently brush and wear up. This is the worst part. My hair was a bit oily and could not be worn down!

Day 3, Success! No washing. Add Coconut oil for evening conditioning treatment.

Day 4, Success again! Rinse well, using hot water, give a quick cold rinse. Wear hair up again!

Day 5, My first attempt at using Baking Soda as a wash! I took a teaspoon of Baking Soda and added some water. Gently massaged it through my hair. The Baking soda absorbs the oils leaving a ‘washed look’. Rinse after about 1 minute. Brush gently, add a tiny bit of Coconut Oil if needed as a leave in conditioner (I didn’t as my hair gets oily naturally). Style as usual!

I was shocked. It was a huge success! My hair was not greasy, not limp, and looked ‘shampooed’. I blow dried it, curled as usual, and it was perfect! It remained styled all day, did not get limp or oily, did not smell, and felt soft!

Day 6, Woke up and my hair was not greasy, still looked clean and washed!

As I continue on this ‘Poo-free journey, I am excited to be treating my hair naturally and I am proud of not giving in to my old habits! It is not easy, as the first 4 days (even longer for some) can be very uncomfortable (and greasy, lol), but if you can get past it, it is so worth it! Not only am I giving my hair a much needed break from harsh chemicals, but I am also saving myself lots of money!

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Ewa Johnson is the founder of the Naturally Fit & Healthy Blog. She is a Personal Trainer, a Vegan Health Educator, and a mom to a wonderful little boy! She can be found blogging, hiking, getting creative in the kitchen, or working at the local gym!


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