Natural Beauty: DIY Natural Facial Cleanser

February 3, 2015

Natural Beauty: DIY Natural Facial CleansersMost facial cleansers out there are mass produced, expensive, and full of harsh chemicals and toxins–not to mention tested on animals.

Looking for a healthier alternative? Interested in saving some money? Concerned about minimizing your ecological footprint?

Give making you’re your own DIY natural facial cleanser a try!

Creating your own cleanser is a safe and inexpensive way to bring out the very best in your skin.

Store-bought cleansers often contain chemical ingredients that can actually do harm to your skin. They can at the very least “over-clean” it by stripping off needed protective layers. Instead, try blending a few natural ingredients together for a quick, homemade alternative.

You won’t get a creamy lather or squeaky clean feeling that the store-bought cleansers create, for which harsh chemicals are needed.

Your skin may not squeak, but it will gleam!

Since moving away from store-bought products, I’ve noticed that my skin actually looks better using natural homemade cleansers. My skin feels softer, smoother and better hydrated all day. There is also an inner radiance that I never experienced with store bought products.

There are MANY DIY cleaners out there. This is a recipe that I have followed with great success.

Easy DIY Natural Facial Cleanser:

¼ cup Raw Agave

¼ cup Coconut milk

1 tablespoon Turmeric

1/3 cup Oatmeal

1 tablespoon Apple cider vinegar, lemon, or lime juice

Mix ingredients in a bowl and apply!

It’s actually much easier to make your own facial cleanser than you probably thought. Just separate the process into four simple parts.

Base/Binding Agents

You will need something that holds your mixture together. My favorite so far has been this equal part raw agave, coconut milk combination.

Raw Agave– Has anti- bacterial and anti-aging properties. It’s been used for centuries as a remedy for a wide array of skin disorders.

Coconut Milk– Assists the blood vessels and skin to stay elastic, rich in vitamins A and C. Its natural proteins help to keep skin looking smooth.


Adding a little herb will add not only impart nutrients, but add various healing properties to help remedy a myriad of skin conditions. I usually switch up the herb element every few weeks.

Turmeric- Has been used for centuries to foster wound healing to and strengthen the immune system.

This is what I’ve been using for the past few weeks. This is an outstanding herb for so many issues of the skin; a treatment for acne, blemishes, as well as dark spots. Turmeric also helps to brighten skin and soften fine lines.

I use regular turmeric and have had no issues with it staining my skin. However, those with very fair skin may want to try katuri turmeric which does not have the color, nor staining capability of the regular variety. Regular turmeric will stain clothing, so be careful!

It will help to exfoliate some dead skin cells, just not so much that you’re damaging your skin. Your skin will feel invigorated and refreshed!

Cleansing agent

Oatmeal- Technically speaking all of the ingredients have cleansing properties. However, oatmeal facilitates, through its texture, a deep removal of dirt, debris, and embedded impurities. Used traditionally for dry flaky skin or skin irritations. Great for dry and/or sensitive skin. Works superbly as gentle exfoliant on normal skin as well.

Can be mixed in a blender for more aggressive cleansing.


Lemon/Lime- Simply cut a few pieces of lemon or lime and squeeze out the required amount. It works wonderfully in unblocking clogged pores. There’s definitely a zing that hits you about twenty seconds or so after you apply.

Best used on oily skin, it can be too much (a little irritating) for sensitive/dry skin.

If your skin is on the drier side, opt for the apple cider vinegar instead.

Apple Cider Vinegar- Has antiseptic and anti-fungal properties, helps to minimize pores and clear your complexion.

Thoroughly wash and dry your skin with a clean cotton towel. Apply a few drops of olive oil.

Not as difficult as you thought? Give this recipe a try and you’ll quickly see that your skin (and your pocketbook) will thank you!

Homemade natural cleansers, a simple, cost- effective way to bring out the very best in your skin!

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Photo: Alex Kudukis


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