Natural Beauty: DIY Rooibos Green Tea Anti-Aging Toner

October 1, 2014

DIY Rooibos and Green Tea Anti-Aging Toner

 DIY Anti-Aging Toner

Toner is back in, folks. There may have been a time when we looked at toner and thought, hmm, that’s a nice color, but what’s the point? Thanks to the increasing popularity of natural beauty products, especially homemade natural beauty products, we now know that toner does have a purpose—at least when it’s made with botanical ingredients rather than not alcohol and artificial coloring.

Teas naturally rich in antioxidants (like green and rooibos) make excellent bases for toners that actually do stuff. The caffeine in green tea helps de-puff and “revive” skin while rooibos helps balance overly-oily skin—plus it’s super soothing when combined with aloe gel.

I’ve added a few of my favorite essential oils: jasmine, lavender, and frankincense. Lavender and frankincense have helped treat and heal my acneic skin and come with relaxing fragrances. Jasmine, a generally nourishing oil, smells both energizing and sensual. This toner feels like a serious luxury-you may forget that you made it in your kitchen 🙂

DIY Rooibos and Green Tea Anti-Aging Toner

DIY luxury beauty products are taking over my bathroom 😉


(Makes about 4 oz.)

1 tsp. witch hazel

1 tsp. aloe gel

5 drops lavender essential oil

5 drops jasmine essential oil

5 drops frankincense essential oil

1/2 cup cooled, brewed rooibos and green tea blend (drink the leftovers)


Blend ingredients and decant into a clean spray bottle (preferably glass). Store in the fridge for an extra refreshing spray (and to keep ingredients fresh!). Apply after cleansing—or whenever you want to feel refreshed. Follow with facial moisturizer to seal in those hydrating ingredients! For an even more luxurious experience, apply to your limbs and torso after taking a long, hot bath and patting dry.

DIY Rooibos and Green Tea Anti-Aging Toner


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Photos: Mary Hood

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