Natural Beauty: DIY Vegan BB Cream

July 27, 2014
Natural Beauty: DIY Vegan BB Cream

My DIY Vegan BB Cream contains 1. 100% Pure Foundation. 2. Mineral Sunscreen. 3. Organic argan oil. 4. Frankincense essential oil. What will you put in yours?

We’ve talked BB Creams before. These multi-tasking lotions are intended to prime, moisturize, and nourish (via antioxidants) your mug all while protecting your skin from harmful UV rays and giving it a subtle, glowing tint.

While this may sound ambitious (and impossible) for one little product, if you’re using all natural ingredients, the idea isn’t so outlandish. Take for example my favorite store bought bb cream by Andalou naturals:  

It moisturizes with jojoba oil, nourishes with a berry complex including acai, goji, and rosehips, protects skin from both UVA and UVB rays with zinc oxide, and tints skin with all natural minerals. And that just a schematic way of looking at it.

Natural ingredients are minimally processed, and in their relatively whole form, they’re able to fill more than one role. Employing natural ingredients eliminates the need for a thirty-ingredient product.  Jojoba oil, for example, certainly moisturizes, but it also falls into the antioxidant camp. Also, many natural oils also offer little SPF!

Do you see where I’m headed here? With just a few high quality ingredients, you can make your own beautifying luxury cream.  Chances are, it will be more cost-effective in the long run. And if you start making your own natural bb cream rather than purchasing chemical-laden products from the drugstore, you’re skin will thank you.

But this is my favorite part: you can customize your mix based on how much coverage you need (sometimes that “tint” is not enough!), the condition of your skin (dry, sensitive?), and even the weather (humid? use less oil; sunny? use more sunscreen.)

Because I want something a little different every day, I mix just enough on my hand every morning rather than make a large batch (but you can do whatever you want!). 

You’ll need:

Mineral sunscreen. You should already have sunscreen, beauties!

Organic carrier oil of choice (argan is good for any skin type; jojoba is best for balancing oily complexion; rosehip helps brighten mature or hyper-pigmented skin; almond oil is a lovely choice for sensitive or dry skin.) These are only a few of the antioxidant-rich, oils available. I personally love mixing my carrier oils. My current favorite blend is argan + rosehip. 

Mineral powder or natural foundation of choice (you can use what you already have in your makeup bag). I prefer liquid foundation for this mix—I use 100% Pure Healthy Skin Foundation. It’s all natural and provides a good amount of coverage. If you use a mineral powder, be sure to mix your bb cream  very well before applying. 

Natural Beauty: DIY Vegan BB Cream

You can use the back of your hand as your mixing palette. I make just enough bb cream for the morning’s application. If you have any leftover, you can apply it to your neck.

Optional ingredients

Your favorite day serum. With the carrier oil, you’re already getting a nice dose of antioxidants, but if you want even more goodness, add a drop of day serum per “serving” of bb cream.

Essential oils. These make lovely natural fragrances and can also do some nice things for your skin. I’m obsessed with frankincense oil—it’s anti-aging and anti-acne scar, plus it smells lovely. Make sure you do a little research on any essential oil before applying it to skin. 

Makeup primer. If you prefer a silicone-based primer, you can add a smidge of your normal primer to the mix. I usually skip this step, since I find that the DIY cream gives me enough coverage, so I don’t wear foundation over it. 

The amount of each ingredient you use is up to you. I typically use equal parts foundation and sunscreen with a drop of each each oil. Pretty simple. If my skin feels dry, I’ll add a little extra argan oil. I follow with concealer and finishing powder.

What’s your favorite natural DIY for yummy skin? 

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