Bye, Cracked Heels! 6 Easy, Relaxing Ways To Turn Your Feet Baby Soft This Winter

November 19, 2018

Although our feet may be hidden under thick socks and boots this time of year, there’s no better time to give your feet some extra TLC to help keep them soft, smooth, and beautiful. By the time sandal weather rolls around again, your feet won’t have to come out of hibernation before you show them off in a pair of strappy shoes.

As we’ve recently discussed, skin needs proper hydration and moisture–and that includes feet, too! Taking care of your feet can bring unique challenges, however, as feet endure a lot of physical stress, making them prone to cracked heels, calluses, roughness, and muscle soreness. As is often the case, a little lotion here and there isn’t enough to return feet to their soft and pretty state.

Fortunately, foot care can not only restore your feet—but it’s also a form of self-care that makes you feel lovely and pampered from head to, well, toe!

Next time you’re ready to give your feet a little love, follow our natural, skin-friendly tips to renew your feet. Plus, we also answer the burning question, do I really need one of those Baby Foot masks? Keep reading!

Buh-Bye, Rough Dry Feet! 6 Easy, Relaxing Ways To Baby Your Feet This Winter

Natural Foot Care 101

1.   Soften skin and soothe muscles with an Epsom salt soak.

In a foot bath (or your bathtub), draw hot (but not scalding water) and add a half a cup of Epsom salts. Feel free to also add a few tablespoons of your favorite bath oil scented with essential oils for a spa-like (and deodorizing experience). The salts will help relax tired foot muscles. Soak for at least 20 minutes then pat dry or follow with a scrub (see #2!).

2. Treat your feet with a grainy scrub.

Gently rub feet with a grainy scrub—like this DIY Spicy, Warming Foot Scrub to help remove dead skin and reveal beautiful, soft feet. If your feet are seriously rough, incorporate step #3.

3. Use a pumice stone (with a caveat).

With pumice stone in hand, it can be tempting to get feisty and really go after your calluses, but try to avoid completely sloughing off every rough spot on your foot. Doing so can make your feet vulnerable to blisters next time you’re in shoes (speaking from experience).

Also, it is possible that rubbing feet, i.e. creating friction, may actually trigger the growth of calluses, meaning that a pumice stone, or any other physical exfoliant, is only a temporary fix. In other words, what you sand down will eventually come back. With all of that in mind, if you do want to use a pumice stone, use it regularly but with moderation—simply smooth calluses so they’re a little softer and a little less obvious.

Should I use a Baby Foot mask?

Buh-Bye, Rough Dry Feet! 6 Easy, Relaxing Ways To Baby Your Feet This Winter

You may have heard friends rave about something called Baby Foot. It’s a chemical peel formulated with a fruit acid that causes the skin cells of your feet to exfoliate en masse to later reveal ultra-soft feet.  If you want to give Baby Foot (or other similar foot peel) a try, keep in mind that results are not immediate. After 3-7 days, your skin will begin to peel, and skin may actually feel drier before the peeling process is complete. Oh, and also a warning: it’s going to get gross. It’s got a reputation for “molting” which, perhaps because it rhymes with “revolting,” is just an unfortunate word.

4. Apply moisturizer to damp skin.

Always apply lotion or oil to damp skin to help seal in moisture. When skin is damp, it more readily absorbs emollients. Spend a few moments mindfully massage feet–they will feel so happy and loved!

Buh-Bye, Rough Dry Feet! 6 Easy, Relaxing Ways To Baby Your Feet This Winter

Susanne Kaufmann Warming Foot Cream

5. Don’t forget your cuticles.

DIY Cuticle Oil

Massage a cuticle oil into the cuticles of your toenails. This will nourish the nail, help prevent dreaded cracking and peeling, and soothe skin around the nail.

6. Wear socks over lotion.

After you’ve applied an emollient cream or oil to your feet and cuticle oil to your toenails, pop on a pair of cotton socks. This is an easy step that goes a long way in making the skin on your feet extra soft.

Buh-Bye, Rough Dry Feet! 6 Easy, Relaxing Ways To Baby Your Feet This Winter

What are your favorite ways to care for your feet?

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