Natural Beauty: DIY Spicy, Warming Foot Scrub

February 29, 2016

We’re nearing the end of winter, but here’s a spicy foot scrub to keep your tootsies warm when the weather outside isn’t. This DIY spicy, warming foot scrub is actually great all year round since most of the ingredients have anti-microbial properties, thus keeping feet fresh when the heat turns up.

I’ve used many scrubs in my time, but always found that my kitchen is full of cheaper alternatives to store-bought versions. Don’t get me wrong, there are some beautiful scrubs on the market, but given I have left-over coffee grounds in my kitchen every day, it seems silly not to use them! We’re also a big fan of curries in my household, so I have a plethora of herbs and spices at my disposal.

Unlike a typical salt or sugar scrub, I find this one ‘scrubby’ enough with the three ingredients below:

–1/2 cup Coffee grounds

–2 tablespoons Cinnamon sticks, ground

–2 tablespoons Cloves, ground

I use leftover coffee grounds as the base for this scrub, mixing with a blend of ground cinnamon sticks and cloves. You could also add in black peppercorns, nutmeg, ginger, and any other warming spices…let your senses guide you and enjoy experimenting.


Gather your ingredients. The quantity below will make enough for a good 8-10 uses, so you’ve got plenty to get on with. You’ll also need 2 tablespoons of coconut oil to bind the mixture, as well as an airtight jar or container to store it in.

Coffee Scrub IngredientsWork the mixture together with your hands, then massage away! I find there is no need for the addition of salt or sugar with this  (unlike like most traditional scrubs that contain either sugar or salt or both). The coffee grounds are abrasive enough without feeling scratchy. And as an added perk, they don’t dissolve into nothingness in the hot water (like sugar and salt), meaning you have to scoop more and more in an attempt to get the job done with this scrub!

Scrub feetWash off really well with plenty of warm water and pat dry. The great thing about the coconut oil is that it leaves a non-greasy residue that serves to moisturise the skin post-scrub. The antimicrobial properties also serve to freshen up the feet. You’ve now got great-smelling, super-soft toes and are ready to walk the walk.

What’s your favorite DIY footcare recipe?

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DIY Coffee Body Scrub

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Photo: Kat Kennedy

Kat Kennedy is an Arizona-based physiology doctoral student and holistic health advocate writing about science, health, and her experiences as a third culture kid and global nomad. She's @sphynxkennedy everywhere.


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