Calorie-Torching Workout: How to Lose Weight with Boxing

March 25, 2014

How to Lose Weight with BoxingA few months ago, I came across a new local boxing gym. I was immediately intrigued by the silhouette in the front window of an entire room full of punching bags. Every time I drive by, I would find myself watching the crowd as they were leaving. They would usually be drenched in sweat and look somewhat fatigued, yet they’d be smiling as if they had a blast.
Studies show that exercising with a punching bag is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. Take a look at the great benefits I found out about exercising with a punching bag. If you haven’t tried it, you might decide to give it a “shot” too!


Benefits Of Heavy Bag Training:
Ideal workout for toning (think sleek, sculpted muscles all over!)
Great form of aerobic fitness
Improves balance
Enhances core stability and coordination
Provides Strength Training
Improve Boxing and Kickboxing technique.
Helps to lose weight
Alleviate stress and promotes overall emotional wellness

A practical rule of thumb is that when selecting a punching bag you should look for one that is approximately half your body weight. If it is too light, it will jump around when you punch it, making it difficult to practice combinations. However, a bag that’s too heavy will be hard on your hands and joints.

Heavy Bag Training Tips:

Hand wraps are essential to avoid wrist and hand damage.
Boxing gloves are better than Mitts, affording more protection and adding another dimension to the workout depending on the glove weight.
Warm up with some stretches and joint mobility exercises, followed by a quick session of shadow boxing
Begin the heavy bag session with a light round of two-to-three minutes, circling the bag while focusing on your punching and kicking technique.
Never hit the bag hard at the expense of proper technique. Hitting the bag without consideration for technique will increase the likelihood of injury, and stifle the benefits of your workout.
Focus on throwing all punches and kicks from the fighting stance and maintaining a good distance and guard. The heavy bag parallels a real life opponent well with respect to size and target areas, so it’s important to keeping all fundamental precepts the same. Never sacrifice technique on the heavy bag.
Coordinate breath to movement by exhaling when punches and kicks are thrown to maintain a balanced aerobic control and help increase your power output and timing.

Ready to get started? Here’s a great video on a boxing workout.

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