Try, Just Try Not To Fall In Love With These 10 Sustainable Vegan Ankle Boots

September 22, 2017

If there’s one thing that I love about Autumn, it’s switching sandals for a good pair of ankle boots. The leaves begin to fall, the scarves find their way onto my neck, and I run home each day eager to get the tea brewing. What can I say? It’s the hygge in me. There are so many different ankle boots to choose from, but here at Peaceful Dumpling, we’re all about the vegan and ethical picks. Here are 10 options you might want to consider if your ankle boots are coming to the end of their life and you’re in dire need of an upgrade.

1. Mont Royal Ankle Boots, Matt & Nat, £115, Ships worldwide

Kicking things off, we obviously had to begin with the glorious Matt & Nat. Every season, their offerings are well-made and utterly gorgeous. They have a wide range of bags and shoes, with boots always a winner when the cooler months come around. My favorite pick is the stylish Chelsea boot. With decent treading and waterproof fibers, these are the ones to buy if you need something rain-proof.

2. Aviator 2’s, Will’s Vegan Shoes, £96, Ships worldwide

I bought these at the start of this year and they have easily been my most-worn shoe. They are ridiculously comfortable, go with everything, are warm and waterproof. I wear with the laces tucked in rather than tied around for a more relaxed look. Like all of Will’s products, they are incredibly well-made and still look nearly new almost a year on. I couldn’t recommend enough.

3. Timbercat, Vegetarian Shoes £84.95, Ships worldwide

There’s something I absolutely adore about a sturdy pair of tan work boots. They bring edge to an outfit as well as being, well, damn practical. Most come made of nubuck, though, so a vegan alternative are these from Vegetarian Shoes. If you are a practical kind of girl who needs a decent pair of boots to last you through the winter, these could be the ones for you.

4. Desert Rose, By Blanch $138 on sale down from $175, Avesu Vegan Shoes worldwide

If you’re petite or have a longer body and shorter legs, it’s really crucial to get a boot that cuts at the right place. Err on the calf-length side of things and you’re likely to only make your legs look shorter. Do yourself a favor and opt for low-cut ankle boots like this gem from By Blanch. The eye is then drawn to the full length of your legs which will create balance. They’re on sale at the moment, too.

5. Maya, Nae 159, Ships worldwide

This ethical Portuguese shoe brand is totally killing it with their cork and piñatex offerings. It can be really hard wanting to support vegan fibres while also wanting to stick to something more planet-friendly than PU. The Mayas (and many others available at Nae) give you exactly that. I imagine myself wearing these ankle boots out for a nice walk with my two beautiful dogs, before returning home to my log cabin, putting on a brew and cozying up in front of the fire. Girl can dream.

6. Victoria, Grand Step Shoes, $66 Avesu Vegan Shoes, Ships worldwide

For a colourful and playful offering, Grand Step have some seriously fun rubber ankle boots. If you walk a lot or spend a lot of time outdoors in the fall and winter, a pair of these are great. Made of mostly natural rubber, they are entirely vegan and would also work really well during festival season if there’s the odd chance encounter with a puddle or two (Hello, Glastonbury).

7. Daisy, Good Guys €119, Ships worldwide

If you’re after the pair of ankle boots that go with anything, look no further. Cowboy boots are the perfect shoes to take with you on a city break. They go with pretty much everything and can make a casual outfit look pulled together in an instant. Good Guys are a French, vegan, ethical shoe brand worth taking a peek at if you’re not already familiar. The shoes are all designed in Paris, manufactured in Portugal and use a variety of fibers that are easily recyclable when the shoe comes to the end of its life.

8. Carola, Ahimsa $156, Ships worldwide

Ahimsa is a small, conscious Brazilian shoe company that manufactures almost entirely by hand in a 100% vegan factory. Their ethos is to strive for only the best in terms of quality and workmanship that is respectful to the planet. They have my vote for sure and these slouchy bikers are gorgeous.

9. Colleen, Beyond Skin £155 Ships worldwide

If it’s a sexy pair of of ankle boots that you’re after, these tick all the boxes. Vegan suede with a patent cap on the toe and heel, these would look killer with so many different outfits you’re looking to dress up. Beyond Skin have a model ethos, using many recycled materials in their footwear. They also have a ton of information regarding leather processing on their website and why they’re firmly against leather goods. If you’re curious, you can take a read here. But as well as going beyond doing no harm to animals, all products are manufactured by ethical practices in Spain making them a human-friendly brand too.

10. Matilda, Bourgeois Boheme £190,  Ships worldwide

Could an Autumn ankle boot round-up really be complete without a cherry red pair? No, of course not. It’s such a hard colour to nail – especially when combined with black. If done badly, it can easily look cheap and tacky. The Matilda is, however, at the opposite end of the spectrum. This gorgeous chelsea-style boot is ethically-made in Portugal, uses PVC-free vegan eco-leather and is lined with breathable, biodegradable plant-based bio-polyoils *swoons*.

What’s your favorite ethical and vegan shoe brand?

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