DoneGood Makes Conscious Shopping Easier & Affordable--So Basically, Fashion Magic

September 12, 2017

Meet DoneGood, the browser extension (and app) that I will never stop using, ever
DoneGood - The Browser App That I Will Literally Never Stop Using

As you may have noticed, Team Peaceful Dumpling is all about conscious consumption and ethical fashion. When I started PD in 2013, I had already been vegan for many years; then came toxin-free, natural beauty, followed by sustainable fashion. The reason fashion was last is probably because I thought it was the hardest. So rather than shopping for new clothes, I mostly relied on re-wearing my wardrobe for years… But sometimes a girl just *has* to get something new to feel excited again, ya know?

Enter DoneGood, the tool that will change your sustainable fashion game forever. Founded by former senior advisers to the Obama administration and incubated at Harvard Innovation Lab, this illustrious-sounding browser extension / app is actually ridiculously easy to use. All you need to do is install the free Chrome browser app, and Google your normal fashion conundrums as before. Then, the extension shows you conscious versions of your query on the top right-hand side, as well as highlighting its preferred search results of ethical brands.

To test DoneGood, I downloaded the extension and searched for the sustainable fashion unicorn that’s been eluding me for months: men’s organic cotton shirt. (Just a quick reminder: organic cotton produces about half as much carbon footprint as conventional cotton). During the summer, I was challenged by my male friend to prove to him that sustainable fashion is easy and doable for busy professional men. I literally ran around all over Manhattan and combed through the web without any success. Then he got tired of waiting and bought loads of conventional designer shirts, much to my chagrin (ugh!!!).

DoneGood - The Browser App That I Will Literally Never Stop UsingI installed the DoneGood browser extension with 1 click and Googled “men’s organic cotton shirt” as before. Not only did it highlight Prana on the search results, DoneGood even did a lightning fast search of its own to pull up its own, curated results of conscious brands. I was immediately intrigued by Tuckerman & Co. at the top–a brand I’ve never heard of before. It was even offering a unique DoneGood discount of $20 off.

DoneGood - The Browser App That I Will Literally Never Stop UsingWithin a minute of getting DoneGood, I was looking at shirts made in New England from 100% organic Israeli cotton, woven in Italy. [Clouds part and the angels sing!!]

DoneGood - The Browser App That I Will Literally Never Stop Using

Organic cotton men’s shirt made in USA – costs just $125 after DoneGood Discount!

If you like to shop on-the-go, also make sure to download the app, which helps you search for brands aligned with your values. DoneGood - The App That I Will Literally Never Stop Using

After checking off some core values I want to narrow down to, I looked for women’s shoes. DoneGood - The Browser App That I Will Literally Never Stop Using And I was presented with ethical brands plus amazing discount. I’m in love!! <3 This is no small feat since I’m honestly technologically challenged. (I am the only person living in NY who doesn’t have a single ride share app on her phone.) DoneGood - making conscious shopping easyDoneGood founders Scott Jacobsen and Cullen Schwartz

DoneGood founders believe that by channeling consumer dollars to conscious companies, we are effecting a seismic shift in the fight against social inequality, climate change, and pollution while empowering underserved groups, women, and local communities. I couldn’t agree more: while I will always endorse reusing as the best form of conscious consumerism, sometimes one does need to buy new things. (A woman can’t wear the same thing to the office every day!) (hiding-face monkey emoji)

And when you do, you have the opportunity to advocate for the causes you believe in. You will support the indie companies that are doing the right thing, but who don’t have the resources to pour millions into marketing or game the organic search algorithm like the big brands. Meanwhile, you also send a powerful message to the major players that there is serious demand for organic, vegan, and sustainable goods. With technological help like DoneGood, sustainable retail is just too easy and affordable to pass up.

DoneGood - The Browser App That I Will Literally Never Stop UsingWearing a blouse by Meg, an NYC designer that produces locally and supports women’s issues. I was buying sustainable fashion 1-2 times per season, but with DoneGood, I will be treating myself a little more often 😉

What are you excited to search for using DoneGood, dumplings? I’m in dire need of 1) organic cotton bed sheets, 2) organic cotton underwear, 3) fall tops for work. Anyone else?  


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Photo: Peaceful Dumpling

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