8 Ways to Refresh the Energy in Your Home

October 30, 2015

A significant part of self-care is centered around maintaining your living and work environments. What I’m talking about goes beyond Spring cleaning or keeping your paperwork in order. Although cleanliness and organization are key components in a high-functioning and peaceful environment, there is much more to creating and maintaining a happy and inspiring space for yourself (and your loved ones). By making an active effort to keep the energy and feel of your space clear of emotional, spiritual, and literal clutter, you invite joy and positivity into your environment and into your life as a whole.  Here are 8 tips on how to improve the energy of your home and create a space that is beneficial for all of your senses! 

8 Ways to Refresh the Energy in Your Home

1.   Smudging

Smudging is an ancient spiritual art in which sage or other herbs are burned in order to release negative ions and energy from a space. Because this is a traditional and sacred practice, it must be treated with reverence and done with appreciation for the cultures from which it came. In order to do this fully and completely, familiarize yourself with the history and protocol for this process. An essential part of proper smudging is about centering and grounding yourself and setting your intentions for clearing and cleansing your space.

2.   Crystals

Inviting natural elements into your home with their own energetic vibration can be an easy, fun, and aesthetically pleasing solution to help you refresh and balance the energy in your home. Using crystals like turquoise, aventurine, bloodstone, jade, blue lace agate, aquamarine, amazonite, and malachite and placing them in certain areas and points within your home can shift the flow of energy in your space. Specific stones and positionings can even help you magnify your manifestations and assist in bringing about more bountiful blessings into your life and living space, like placing rose quartz in your bedroom for more love in your life.

3.   Live Plants

Bringing plants and fresh flowers into your space literally breaths life into your home. Not only do they bring color and beauty into any room, but they filter and purify air and help rooms retain healthy levels of moisture. The relationship between plants and humans is one of divine order…they breathe in what we breathe out, and we breathe in what they breathe out. It is a microcosmic example of the beautiful balance and symbiosis that exists in our world, a simple reminder that we are all one. Bring plants into your space with that thought in mind, and set an intention to care for one another. It will be like having another friend in the house!

8 Ways to Refresh the Energy in Your Home

4.   Feng Shui

Feng Shui offers practical suggestions for creating and maintaining an inspiring, safe, and inviting home environment. While feng shui is an ancient Chinese art with many specific rules, there are some simple steps you can take to improve the flow of energy in your home or even work environment. Though I do recommend truly learning about the rules of the Ba Gua, the elements, and other staple components of Feng Shui, you can begin by simply removing clutter from your home, rearranging furniture to allow for a better flow through the house, and surrounding yourself with what you love. Much like crystal healing, Feng Shui is another way of utilizing specific areas and directions in your house to manifest a desire and refresh your energy and that of your home. For example, the southeast corner of your home is said to be the “money area.” By placing certain objects there and “taking good care” of that space, it is believed that you can manifest wealth and abundance!

5.   Change Something Small

Revive the energy in your space by doing a little switch-a-roo. Change something in your space that may be seemingly small, but acts as a statement piece. By changing an accent pillow, rug, set of curtains, or lamp out for something new, you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated each time you step into the room! Seem a little pricey? Set a budget. Maybe sell your old item and use only that which you make to purchase the new item. Better yet, switch it up with a friend or family member who has similar taste. If all else fails, there are lots of gems to be found at your local thrift stores. Use your imagination and create the space you want to inhabit little by little!

6.   Aromatherapy

Find scents that appeal to you and make you excited to walk into your home. Essential oil use and aromatherapy are powerful medicines, and when used correctly, can benefit you in mind, body, and spirit…not to mention make your house smell exquisite! It is imperative to locate and use pure, high quality oils. Be sure to consult a clinical aromatherapist if you plan to expose yourself to essential oils for a prolonged period of time, as each oil interacts with each person differently and affects us on a deep physical and emotional level.

7.   Photos and Artwork

Surround yourself with works of art and images that awaken your creativity, sense of wonder, and your happiest heart! Whether you choose to create a masterpiece yourself, hang the work of a friend, invest in a piece by your favorite artist, or simply display images of your most joyful times with loved ones, choose pieces that exude the energy you wish to fill your home with. By constantly and consistently viewing these images, you will create and manifest more joy, love, and moments of appreciation in your life and living space.

8.   Animals

This one may seem obvious, but bringing something living, fun, and loving into your space will, well…bring life, fun, and love into your home! No matter if it’s a fish, a reptile, or a 90-pound dog, coming home to a caring companion is the best feeling in the whole world! When deciding to add an animal in your living environment, always assess the appropriateness of your space for the creature you are considering. A tiny apartment is no place for a large pooch. Likewise, if you are not home enough to love and care for it properly, this is likely not the solution for you. However, if you are ready to take on this rewarding responsibility, I highly recommend it!

What do you do to keep the energy clear and balanced in your home? Which of these tips will you incorporate into your life?

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