15 Things (Only?) Sisters Know

October 29, 2015

For the past month and a half, I’ve shared a bed with my sister. She decided to stay with me in Portland, Oregon, after I made the cross-country move from Chicago. I honestly thought I’d kick her out of my one-bedroom after, maybe, two weeks tops, but she ended up staying with me until this past week. We ended up growing much closer and we barely argued, which was a change for us. I loved every day that I got to open my eyes to find that she was hogging most of my bed, and every night that I had the pleasure of watching her clean my dishes just because she felt like it. A few days before her stay had ended, she gave me a small note, and other than making me tear up, it made me recognize how lucky I am to have a sister.

15 Things (Only?) Sisters Know

Most sisters have a kinship that is unlike others; it’s unyielding and powerful, laborious and joyful, and it’s something we should be thankful for. I’ve come to know that these 15 things are particular to the sister-sister relationship, and you can probably relate if you have one, too.

1. You know your sister is the reason you anger-punch your pillow and the reason you wipe tears from your face after laughing so hard.

2. You know she’s the one who really taught you how to share clothes, shoes, secrets, makeup, food and space.

3. Speaking of sharing… that probably is your shirt she’s wearing in that picture. You knew she had it.

4. You can tell when she needs alone time, and when she needs a friend.

5. She knows you’re not going to tell your mom that the real reason she isn’t feeling well is because she drank last night at a party she wasn’t supposed to be at.

6. She knows your deepest secrets, like that era of your youth during which you had a “booger collection.” (And you know she’ll never tell.)

7. You know that she totally does have a crush on that person! You knew it!

8. The question: “Will you scratch my back?” will most likely be followed by: “If you scratch mine after.”

9. You both agree that your brother is being a complete ass today.

10. You can just shrug and say whatever, because she will forgive you. Eventually.

11. She knows that you snuck into her bedroom to use her perfume.

12. She’ll be the one to remember that specific shirt you wanted for your birthday.

13. You both know that no matter what happens, you’ll always support each other.

14. After that bad break-up, she’s there to cry with you, dance with you and show you how to be happy again.

15. Even though sometimes it may feel like it, you’re never truly being judged by her.

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Photo: Marlee Septak

Marlee is originally from Michigan. After graduating from Columbia College Chicago in Chicago, Illinois, Marlee moved to Portland, Oregon, where she now lives with her cat/daughter, Miuki. She finds comfort in writing, and enjoys reading poetry and non-fiction essays. She also loves cooking, traveling, laughing at inappropriate things, and falling asleep while watching television. Check out her portfolio to see more of her writing.


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